Litecoin Core v0.16.2 released. Despite the optimism, LTC falls below $ 60


Important news about Litecoin's Cryptocurrency

Litecoin Core Release v0.16.2

The Litecoin team recently announced the release of Litecoin Core v0.16.2 which is an improved version of the software. According to a September 7 blog post, the team said the release includes various bug fixes, improvements and translations. The post also encourages users to upgrade to this latest version of Litecoin software.

On how to upgrade to this version, the post stated that users of the previous version should close them and wait until they shut down completely before running the installer or simply copying to "/ Applications / Litecoin -Qt (on Mac) or litecoind / litecoin-qt (on Linux). "

The statement also says that the newly created portfolios will not work with previous versions. However, old portfolios created with previous versions are not affected by this update.

The next version said that the Core Litecoin has been extensively tested even if it does not support Windows XP. Users were advised to always back up their portfolios before being updated as unforeseen circumstances and supervision could result in unexpected bugs.

LTC Price

Despite Optimism, Dips Litecoin Under $ 60

Most coin lovers tend to publicize their favorite cryptocurrencies even when the trend is showing the opposite of being reality. Litecoin fell below $ 60, despite the community's expectations that the currency would exceed $ 70. This is not surprising given that the market has been in the red in recent days.

Although LTC is not the only currency at stake, it is certainly in the oversold region even though it currently trades at $ 52.76. However, Eric Thies is still optimistic about the prospects of LTC by stating on a September 7 tweet that the last time LTC was on sale for two weeks had an upside-down hammer training that implies a reversal.

data from Bitfinex and when LTC was valued at only $ 3.50, much has changed since then in terms of market volume, awareness of the coin market and the fact that people know how volatile this market is and much more aware and cautious. [19659004] In addition, the currency market these days is much more speculative than in the past and more difficult to predict due to fluctuations resulting from buy-ins and sell-outs.

However, a positive figure that Litecoin is going to get is the slight increase in trading volume $ 237.83 trading volume based on the Bitfinex data feed is the joy of a trader. However, as far as this is tangible, what investors need is value and profit.

Currently, the main challenge for LTC is the reconquest of the $ 60 lost for bears. Although no one is sure when an inversion is possible, the current trend line is not as positive as LTC enthusiasts would have us believe. Although it sounds crazy, LTC slipping up to $ 20 is a possibility unless, of course, Bitcoin does not become bullish and start a major upward movement.

The analysis of the graphs shows a weakening of the LTC. This implies that a break of the psychological support of $ 50 is a possibility. Under this value, the scenario is guessed by no one.

LTC / USD price chart, Sunday 9 September:

  Litecoin LTC price chart 9 September

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