Litecoin Core 0.17 "will beat bitcoin money" in terms of costs and speed


The next release of the Litecoin client (LTC) will make it "faster" and "cheaper" than Bitcoin Cash (BCH), according to an analyst as developers confirm that transaction fees will reduce 90%.

The reduction of the 10X fare highlights LTC

Litecoin Core 0.17, which the Litecoin Foundation has defined as "imminent" in a post on its blog now suspended Average account, will provide a series of improvements for the end user.

In particular, while LTC 00 currently it costs about $ 0.05 in average fees, after the upgrade this will reduce closer to $ 0.005.

This, Alternative Asset's performance analyst and president of Nich Hellmann notes, the status quo in which Litecoin is more expensive to use than Bitcoin Cash will end.

Despite its greater capitalization, he continues, BCH 00 it is slower and has a more "contentious" community.

"Currently because the blocks are not full there is no need to pay higher taxes, which is one of the reasons the move is made", the developers wrote explaining the updates.

Togami: BCH Attack & # 39; Not Hypothetical & # 39;

So far the LTC markets have not reacted to the update, trading behavior has fallen in line with other major assets altcoin this week.

Cryptocurrency users suspicious of BCH's development and marketing practices will no doubt have doubled their perspective after this week's data showed that its network is in a precarious position.

Update his continuous monitoring BCH, Head of Blockstream VP Solutions, Warren Togami noted that the average 30-day network hashrate had dropped below 7% of Bitcoin.

This, has warned "the questions (why) of the risk of insolvency of exchange from theft of double expense".

At the beginning of September the proportion of hacrofra had fallen below 8 percent, Bitcoinist report on the pre-existing concerns of Togami on network security.

At the time, he compared the state of the network with a 2013 LTC hard fork, which imploded due to a 51% attack in the following months.

Now, he says, the danger of the BCH following the example is "not hypothetical".

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