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  • The founder of Litecoin Chalie Lee sold or donated his entire wealth of Litecoin [19659006] last year, to avoid any possible conflicts of interest arising from the growth of the asset. But a Youtube channel TruthNeverTold did not see Lee's move as an obvious exit from profit. The channel said: it sold everything at the top. Good to Charlie Lee! Good job! But you've just shown that, as I said since 2011, the first to adopt something that has no intrinsic value, they decided to build the perceived value to an unsuspecting public, only to sell that illusion for something that has real value .

  • * From April of this year Litecoin has neither a repository nor anything on the development of the code, has discovered a poll of Github. The situation comes at a time when other currencies such as Ethereum, EOS and Bitcoin continued to provide regular updates. Since partnering with Coinbase's Shift Visa debit card, Litecoin has stopped sharing any updates.
  • * The price of Litecoin was almost above the support zone of $ 55.00 compared to the US dollar, shows the Kraken data. An uptrend line in place pushed the Litecoin price to find support at $ 56.80. The price shows an upward trend and is likely to break resistance from $ 58.50 and $ 59.00 respectively

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  • ElGuapo posted on Reddit, "I decided to accept Litecoin only for my fantasy draft Today we'll see how it goes …

I've decided to accept Litecoin only for my fantasy draft today … We'll see how it goes. by r / litecoin

  • Ecurrencyhodler published on Reddit, "CoinMesh creates a shared library of community that people can assemble and compose in a few minutes. The more tools and apps you build, the more libraries can be shared. Here is an example of assembling a skeleton of the portfolio Litecoin in less than 4 minutes. "Bitcoinofamerica has made an evaluation on Reddit, probably the most important feature of Litecoin is that it has potential and encourages self-confidence in the community of cryptocurrencies …"

Evaluation of Litecoin from r / litecoin [19659018] Activity Twitter

Bitcoin Cash

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  • A current debate between two [19659005] Bitcoin Cash software – Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV- on the division of blockchain behind Bitcoin Cash may soon see a huge change. According to some reports, differences of opinion among cryptographic developers threaten to divide the blockchain behind Bitcoin Price, which in turn was created on Bitcoin's split blockchain. The Australian scientist Craig Wright leads the charge against the change of the Bitcoin Cash code.
  • Price of Bitcoin Cash is still under pressure and is currently trading below $ 525 against the US dollar. A persistent bearish mood led Bitcoin Cash to find its support level at $ 526, shows Kraken data. The BCH / USD pair could close above the $ 530 level to the 100-hour moving average if it has to get traction.

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  • PutridImprovement published on Reddit regarding the price analysis of Bitcoin, "Bitcoin Price Analysis: the Weekly Close –"
  • Another post by PutridImprovement on Reddit, "Could Bitcoin Replace Credit Cards?"
  • Markeljerez published on Reddit, " BCH Exchange punches with BTC Core, it's time to move on."

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  • Owner of a loft in Rotterdam-Kralingen in the Netherlands, Dian van Heijningen put out his property for sale, with the aim of acquiring the VeChain token (VET). Heijningen also supports HeroNode, ICX, Zilliqa, QASH and ECC. A tweet from him tells his intention to accumulate € 390,000 that will go somewhere between 27 and 31 million VET, as from recent price increases. The tweet read
  • The working models of the VeChain NFC chips have made the rounds on the Internet. The chips can be useful for both retailers and independent vendors as they can connect them to products, which can be scanned by potential buyers with smartphones. A blockchain will send a message successfully to the verification of the product. VeChain promoted the economy for a while and users can have a direct product experience.
  • The ability of AD VeChain to scan equipment to trace the supply chain has made it quite popular. The app scans an NFC-enabled chip embedded in the price of a clothing to retrieve all the details of the product. Users can also view the name and ID of the product from the scan.

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  • Raleigh_CA has published an announcement on Reddit, "Announcement for the creation of a new website: First completed compilation! We would like to receive your feedback! I like to say that I am posting this on behalf of u / mac_blockparty.It's far from his computer and we wanted to do it sooner rather than later, that's why he started and really a great organizer.It was not done without him! "

Announcement of creating a new website: first complete compilation! We would like your feedback! da r / Vechain

  • Heinouslol put forward a discussion on: "For finance / economy gurus and anyone who delights … What effects will the next recession on Vechain have?

For finance / economy gurus and whoever delights of r / Vechain

  • SummerBolt published on Reddit, "The Dutch will sell his house only for VeChain : That's why."


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  • * The price of EOS rose by $ 5.0 during Asian market hours with the first major hurdles at $ 5.65 The fifth largest currency is changing hand at $ 5.16 after $ 5.30 EOS has a market capitalization of $ 4.6 billion and a daily average trading volume of $ 435 million. Large purchase order has been listed as a probable reason for the strong growth of EOS.Economo Crypto Ashe Oro tweeted:

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