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After last week's gains, buyers are slowing down and from the EOS, ADA and XLM charts, consolidation by August 28 or September 1 should cement our forecast today if not through this week. Unless otherwise, our position is neutral, but we maintain an upward trend. Our previous commercial statements would be more solid in the event of explosions exceeding the levels of immediate resistance.

Let's take a look at these graphs:

EOS Price Analysis

From the News

  • Ledger Nano S supports EOS

Technical Analysis

  EOS Technical Analysis

EOS Daily Chart for Trading View

Technically , EOS prices are on an upward trend and although there is a glass ceiling that prevents further gains as the chart shows, the current fix will probably be short-term. This is due to the fact that the accompanying volumes are low and are struggling to cancel the gains of the 1st.

From the historical price series, this is a classic effort with respect to the results situation and as long as prices continue to change by 21 August and especially before last week's bullish bar, buyers can always look for long opportunities between current spot prices and $ 5.5. This last represents an immediate support and a potential level of reaction to the Fibonacci retracement to 38.2% from our last EOS plan

Litecoin (LTC) Price Analysis

  Litecoin (LTC) Technical Analysis

Litecoin (LTC) Daily chart for trading view

With a five percent gain of Litecoin, the bulls are back in contention. This happens after long sales pressure periods that have seen prices fall by 90 percent compared to the highest ever. Although the Satis Group projects an evaluation of the $ 225 playground over the next decade, it could be disproved if there were to be a recovery from this lower market.

Even if prices are higher, confirming trenders on August 17, September 27 and September 1, we suggest taking a neutral position today simply because of the risk reward ratio. Then again, the prices are a couple of dollars away from the previous breakout level and important level at $ 70 in our analysis. However, if prices definitely exceeds closing and closing above $ 70, then we suggest choosing the longs on the pull backs as expected in the previous LTC price analysis.

Stellar Lumens (XLM) Price Analysis

  Stellar Lumens (XLM) Technical Analysis

Daily chart of stellar lumens according to the trading view

All the constant things, the previous iterations of the Lumen stellar are valid until when prices are higher near the top of this wedge. Taking a cue from the previous Stellar Lumens business plan, XLM could find support on the trend line marked close to 20 cents on the downside and 25 cents on resistance levels. For now, we recommend a wait and see approach. After all, because prices are in the final section of the wedge, a breakout could happen at any time. Subsequently, traders may find themselves in a better position to exchange the direction of the new momentum found.

Tron price analysis (TRX)

From the news

  • Days after launching the TVM and announced Project Atlas, Tron now has multiple EOS user accounts. Through a tweet, the Tron Foundation said the network had 301604 active accounts that exceed EOS of 1.945.

Technical Analysis

  Tron (TRX) Technical Analysis

Tron Daily Chart by Trading View

Despite their activity on social media platforms and on-chain incentives as a reward for the SR vote, Tron is still at outside the top 10 and falls a couple of days after the launch of the TVM.

Although most are bullish on VM EVM compatible, prices continue to diverge, lower but still moving within a bull's flag inside the August 28 candlestick. From previous business plans, we maintain a positive outlook on TRX and we are net for a long time.

At the moment, those who have yet to perform the long runs should expect a burst over the bull's flag and 3 cents before making the entries in the shortest frame time according to the burst direction. Accompanying this breakout should be a high volume that shows the intent of participating.

Cardano (ADA) Price Analysis

From the News

  • You can now be published on the development of Project Shelly. Although they continue to postpone the launch of the date, the community is waiting for a launch in the first quarter of 2019.

Technical analysis

  Technical analysis Cardano (ADA)

Daily chart Cardano for Trading View

of the Most of the coins under our preview were flat. It is even worse in Cardano, where prices vary within a range of 1 cent in the lows of 28 August. While the markets may actually increase in line with recent gains and the general rebirth of the altcoin market, recent fluctuations are consolidating our reasons for taking a neutral position at the moment.

Excluding factoring in risk reward ratio now that 12 cents is an important price level in our analysis. As mentioned above, any boost above 12 cents would most likely lead to an influx of traders aiming for 20 cents and 40 cents in a purely bullish perspective. The downside, any dive over 8 cents and ADA could register new ATLs.

Disclaimer : This is not an investment advice and the views represent that of the author. Do your research before making an investment decision.

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