makes Litecoin (LTC) available via Telegram and text messages


The cryptocurrency community has been preaching for mass adoption in recent times, now with the availability of Litecoin (LTC) on text messages via, we seem to be a step towards our desired goal " cryptocurrency for everyone ".

Today the Litecoin community has shown a great sense of happiness when the founder of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, has announced that LTC can now be sent and received on Telegram and via SMS.

He said:

"A bear market is the best time for people who work for adoption, take a look at Send and receive LTC on In the end, it will also support SMS text messages.Good work @ztxrepublic team! We build it and it will come … Adoption is the key! "

The brain behind the idea, Republic Zulu, made known in a statement today that from the beginning, they were guided from a vision of how the world might look if the founding ideals of the cryptocurrency revolution were realized.

"Today we bring that vision a step closer to reality by announcing, a new project from the Zulu Republic aimed at widening the access of cryptocurrencies to a wider population than ever before", said the Republic of Zulu .

" offers Litecoin services to anyone who also owns a basic cell phone, regardless of whether or not he has access to the Internet. With a simple Telegram or SMS message, users will be able to interact with Litecoin's blockchain, sending and receiving funds from anywhere in the world where you can find a cell phone signal. "

The idea will work beyond Telegram, it will be distributed to SMS messaging. However, since Telegram is considered "the most reliable messaging platform within the community of cryptocurrencies", starting from the platform is equal to giving people the opportunity to manage their own funds within an environment they are used to.

Telegram also makes transactions in Litecoin as simple as possible for users, with programmable bot commands that require a minimum of user interaction to function.

Zulu Republic sees Telegram as the safest messenger in the world, indicating that privacy is incorporated by default. Telegram combined with Litecoin's blockchain is tantamount to an incredibly powerful payment environment.

In the meantime, the decision of the company to use SMS came from the fact that not many countries have full Internet support. Even in advanced countries, network fluctuations hinder urgent transactions. In this case, the text messages are favorable.

One of the many opportunities of is that it makes it easy for people who do not have the Litecoin wallet to receive LTC. It also gives space to send LTC to people whose Litecoin portfolio is unknown.

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