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Lite.IM adds Bitcoin (BTC) support to Facebook Messenger, Telegram and SMS

At the beginning of August of this year, the Lite.IM team adopted the encrypted adoption to a whole new level when it announced that Litecoin (LTC) was available via Telegram and text messaging. Lite.IM's move was aimed at expanding cryptocurrency access to a larger global population.

The team's progress during a bear market is of particular interest. These periods in the crypto-verses have been highlighted as the best time to develop on the blockchain and to accelerate the encrypted adoption.

Following the availability of LTC on Telegram and SMS, the Lite.IM team took a further step forward in November and integrated Litecoin's remittance service to Facebook Messenger.

Lite.IM adds Bitcoin (BTC) support to Facebook Messenger, Telegram and SMS

It is with the previous background that the same team announced that they added Bitcoin (BTC) support on Lite.IM. Users can now send, receive and manage BTC through the popular Telegram, Facebook Messenger and SMS platforms (only available in the US and Canada).

Bitcoin becomes the fourth currency supported by Lite.IM after Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Zulu Republic Token (ZTX).

Users can access the service on the three platforms as follows:

  • Telegram – interacting with @LiteIM_bot
  • Facebook Messenger -by messaging @ lite.im
  • sms (United States and Canada only) – via SMS 760-LITEIM-0 (760-548-3460)

Because Lite.IM believes that social messaging will be crucial in Adoption Crypto

Note that the Lite.IM services are available on the social media platforms of facebook messenger and Telegram. The focus on platforms is strategic as Lite.IM believes that encrypted adoption will be driven by such social media platforms because of the billions of users they have. The Lite.IM team went on to explain this as follows:

Have a look at the monthly statistics on active users of the best social network apps in the world (all growing) …

  • WhatsApp: 1.5+ billion
  • Messenger: 1.3+ billion
  • WeChat: 1.08 billion
  • Telegram: over 200 million
  • LINE: 200+ million
  • Zalo: 100+ million
  • KakaoTalk: 50+ million

Much of this growth is occurring among the younger generation and in developing countries, both of which are key elements for the future of cryptocurrency.

What are your opinions on Lite.IM adding Bitcoin support to facebook messenger, Telegram and their SMS crypto service? Let us know in the comments section below.

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