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It is essential for encrypted investors and economic operators to monitor closely the movement of the currency they have bought or intend to purchase. CoinMarketCap is one of the most popular sites when it comes to monitoring the encrypted market, with cryptocurrency market cap rankings, price charts, 24 hour trading volume, trade information and many more.

Relying only on a centralized platform can have its defects and can contradict the basic philosophy on which the cryptos were based.

Fortunately, there are many alternatives to CoinMarketCap, so keep reading our article to find out which cryptographic comparison sites can help you in your trading or investing activities.

1. CoinGecko

CoinGecko is a cryptocurrency site that classifies digital resources considering a series of important criteria. Coins are classified according to factors such as developer activity, community, liquidity, market capitalization and public commitment.

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Source: Bitcoin Magazine

Other significant cryptocurrency metrics are available on the platform, which includes everything from price movements to charts. These data are then processed to generate a total assessment of 100.

Crypto enthusiasts are able to get more information about coins and tokens they are interested in, making CoinGecko a viable option if you are looking for an alternative to CoinMarketCap.

2. Live Coin Watch

The website features a clean user interface and numerous relevant cryptographic data that will help you make an informed decision before you start investing in a particular currency. The site was launched in 2017 and allows viewers to follow price fluctuations, trade volumes, the supply of circulating coins and market capitalization for over 2,000 currencies.

The most notable aspect of Live Coin Watch is its aesthetically pleasing design, which displays all the necessary information in a logical and direct way. The site also features a portfolio and watchlist option, where you can track price actions in a variety of legal currencies and also choose when you want to update your site data.

3. CoinCodex

CoinCodex collects real-time coin prices, graphs and market data for over 2400 coins from over 110 trades. Similar to CoinMarketCap, currencies are organized according to market capitalization and, by clicking on any currency, you can view its price table, 24 hour trading volume and the latest price on a trade list . You can also access a quick summary of currency features and the latest news related to that currency and a series of guides and tutorials.

Another useful tool is a calendar that presents active and upcoming ICOs, which allow users to search for key details of the new cryptographic projects they are interested in.

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4. OnChainFX

While some sites on this list are more minimalistic in terms of data, OnChainFX is by far the most complete cryptographic tracking site. All the features provided are available on this platform, such as price movements and 24-hour trading volumes, but they are the additional details that make OnChainFX stand out.

For example, if you want to know more about a particular currency, you can use OnChainFX to find out the total amount of supply, its planned capitalization in the year 2050, the return on investment (ROI) that go from the time frames from one week to five years, and details about its future issue rate. You can also see how much more BTC you need to become a member of the "Vladimir Club", which involves 1% or more of the total Bitcoin supply.

Unfortunately, the vastness of all this information can overwhelm a new trader and currently the site only offers data for just 100 coins. If you want to display only the most popular coins on the market, this is a good option, but if you want a wider selection, there are other better options.

5. CryptoCompare

CryptoCompare is a website created in 2014, which provides real-time prices, graphs and market analysis from 65 cryptographic exchanges. The site lists over 1,000 tokens and tokens and although the interface is not the most intuitive design we've come across, it's still quite simple to use and find whatever information you're looking for.

Other noteworthy features of CryptoCompare are reviews and practical guides, a user forum, a portfolio tool and information on upcoming and active ICOs.

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Source: CryptoCompare

6. CoinCap

CoinCap is a 2015 site that aims to offer a quick and easy way to access cryptocurrency market data in real time. Although the site's interface seems a little too crowded with information, it allows you to view market limits, weighted average prices for volume, recent prices, available availability and others. To see the historical price chart of a currency, just click on it.

CoinCap also allows users to access their platform from mobile devices via apps for iOS and Android systems, allowing them to monitor the encrypted markets in a convenient and easy way.

7. Coinlib

Coinlib is a cryptocurrency price and portfolio tracker that offers easy access to significant facts and statistics for an extraordinary selection of 4,680 digital currencies. If you want to look up the price of a currency, market capitalization, trading volume or supply, you will be able to find the details you need on Coinlib in no time.

There are in-depth analyzes of the exchange volumes between exchanges and different currencies, as well as a portfolio instrument, market news, price alerts and a cryptocurrency converter.

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Source: Oracle Times

8. CoinCheckup

Founded in 2017, CoinCheckup offers basic data for coin tracking such as price charts, trading volumes and complete analyzes, to provide users with in-depth information on the coins they wish to purchase.

Each currency is classified according to various factors, including the project team, its product, community awareness, the team's responsiveness to information requests and the effectiveness of their development.

Each coin is also assigned a score of five and the CoinCheckup team has published a detailed report on its website explaining the formula for counting coins.


Whether you're a cryptic enthusiast or an investor looking for a variety of tracking sites to help you select a new currency for your wallet, this list has some excellent alternatives to the CoinMarketCap platform.

kale is a freelance writer specializing in cryptocurrency and emerging technologies. Previous articles on Masternodes have been published on the major cryptographic websites and cited in Whitepapers.

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