KuCoin has listed the cosmochina (COSM) to their avant-garde platform


KuCoin announced that Cosmochain (COSM) is listed on their platform. Now it is accessible for trading with supported pairs such as COSM / BTC and COSM / ETH. Traders can use the official KuCoin apps and their website at www.kucoin.com.

About Cosmochain (COSM)

Cosmochain is a complementary business-to-consumer platform that brings together users of cosmetics and content producers to suppliers of cosmetic products, including cosmetics companies, OEM / ODM manufacturers, research and development and distributors. In this platform, the Cosmochain team is committed to solving the above-mentioned needs of companies and customers. All information collected by the platform participants is stored confidentially in this customer-centric ecosystem. Those who share the limited time and attention to produce and take care of content for others are paid with tokens and receive pro-quota ownership of the content they produce. On the other hand, suppliers of cosmetic products can implement a wide range of "on-demand" services on the platform using the API produced by Cosmochain.

The Cosmochain (COSM)

Two distinct tokens and an internal virtual index make the Cosmochain ecosystem:

– The first token is an externally traded token called Cosmo Coin. The second token, in addition to an index of participation in the platform, is Cosmo Power, which can be used to make payments within the platform and distributed as a reward for the activities.

– The only virtual index is called Cosmo Level. Cosmo Level, a reputation index, was created to prevent the abuse of power within the platform and can only be acquired from actual assets and contributions. Having been specified separate roles within the Cosmochain platform, these three entities build a healthy ecosystem

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