Kraken: the rumors about the closure of the offices are false


Kraken, one of the most important exchange houses of the encrypted verse, denied yesterday a rumor spread in the killing community keen, which had closed its offices suddenly after a violation of its security, causing alarm among its employees.

  investments in cryptocurrency The post published in the subreddit of the Canadian city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, mentioned that the exchange had closed its unit 102 to 60 units of Highfield Park. This post received over 300 comments and was shared on several cryptographic sites and forums.

A post Reddit has started it all

According to the original post, the atmosphere was apparently quite frenetic, with "private security on all the put away people outside the premises after having them sign voluntary forms of loss. "

Kraken Halifax closes its doors forcing hundreds of people to get unemployed, have you been one of them? da halifax

A user, perhaps a worker there, commented that the exchange held a "mandatory meeting", in which they offered an "8-week payment as a settlement package" for those who resigned before Friday. He said that the company directors told them that their continuity of employment was not guaranteed if they did not resign:

"10:00, obligatory meeting Security everywhere, required to deliver the keychains Sitting in the mess hall, I they said that due to declining volumes (both trading and assistance) and in light of the opening of a new office in Asia, we need to reduce costs and lay off new hires (<3 months, approx. 57 people) was not enough

We are told that if we resign by Friday at noon, we receive 8 weeks of compensation as compensation package.If we do not accept in time, they tell us that they can not guarantee our continuous employment It looks a bit like we were fired, right?

I can not (read: I do not want to) talk more, but that's what went down. "

Kraken Clarifies [19659004] After this momentary alarm, a Twitter user h wrote to official account of CBC Nova Scotia asking if they had any confirmed information on the item or if they had any comments about it. CBC did not have to answer from one of the official accounts of Kraken, @krakensupport made it clear that the rumor was false and that the famous exchange did not close its offices, much less would have suffered some breach of security:

Shortly thereafter, Jesse Powell, Co-founder and CEO, clarified the point about staff cuts. According to his statements, the rumors were exaggerated and out of context as the exchange had just fired about 10% of the Client-Services team as a savings measure.

He also commented that the rest of the staff of other organizations were not influenced by the units and were in fact "assuming all functions globally".

Kraken: an exchange with a successful 2018

In 2018, Kraken made several strategic decisions that allowed him to position himself as one exchange of recognized soundness and stability. At the beginning of the year, the company published the decision to hire more than 800 people -staff-2018- 2

Trading trading has so far ranked in 14th place. The item did not significantly affect the operations within its platform. Kraken remains solid with $ 149,969,379 volume over 24 hours. Its offices in Canada are working normally at the time of this article. Reddit's post is still active, with the post discussing the legality of Kraken's decision to lead his employees to say they should resign.

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