Kleros launches the "Doges On Trial" game based on Ethereum after a $ 2.5 million loan


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<p style= Kleros, a startup based on Ethereum, has launched a new game about dogs (or dogs) , to be more precise) The company was able to raise $ 2.5 million dollars in the first round of its token sale in July. The game, called "Doges on Trial", was designed following the principles of the crypt.

The principles are as follows: if you correctly design a token-based incentive system, you will get the expected behavior, in this case the company wants to encourage people to take care of the images of the doge meme. [19659004] This meme, in case you do not know, is the meme of a Shiba Inu from the disturbing aspect that got the whole internet's interest and became famous, in fact the meme was so famous that Dogecoin was launched after his legacy.

How does Doges On Trial Work?

Ment You'd expect this token to be entirely dedicated to fun and that it would not have any intentions, the truth is actually far from it. The company's CEO, Federico Ast, recently spoke with the media and said he actually wants to do something useful for the community.

Images of Doges on Trial will be used for more than just fun. They will be used to detect false news, resolve disputes over gig economy and even e-commerce platforms, according to the creator. All this will be done by helping people to maintain lists of images of doges.

Kleros hopes that some companies, instead of building their own mechanisms for resolving governance disputes, will use their system, which would benefit both parties. Kleros takes part in the Thomson Reuters incubation program at the moment and this game is part of it.

The Rules Of The Game

The idea of ​​the game is to try and approve the images of the Doge memes online. The company's investors typically try to upload a picture of a doge on the platform. After that, the image goes for judgment and selection. A user can send images of a doge or a cat (or both together) together with an ETH deposit on the platform.

So, for an entire day, the image is on a limbo and can be challenged. You can challenge it by sending an equal amount of ETH. If no one challenges it, the image is accepted normally. When the test of the game of society is finally over, the people who have been successful in sending the images will share a reward of 1 million Dogecoin.

While the game seems simple and irrelevant at the beginning, as soon as someone challenges the image, three jurors have to decide whether to stay or not. Images that are not allowed include cats, have no doges or are duplicates.

Three jurors, all holders of tokens, focus on the image. If two votes on a result and the other votes differently, this loses its money on the other two. Also, if someone challenges an image and loses it, he loses money, but gets money from the people who posted if the complaint is accepted. This means that following the rules has monetary incentives in this game.

If a user does not agree, he can try twice again. First, for a jury of seven people and then later 15. In this way, bribing the jurors becomes more expensive if you want to continue to attack the system. In the end, it would simply be useless to continue bribing. The dynamics of game theory, according to its creators, work very well because of these incentives.

Even if the platform seems to work, a person has been able to smuggle a cat into a photo that also has a doge. According to the rules, this person would have obtained 2 ETH and a CryptoKitty if the company had decided that the illicit cat was, in effect, a cat.

Doges On Trial Future Partnerships

If the project works as planned, the company is hoping to sell the solution to third parties, which could generate profitable returns. The vision of the company is that these companies should focus on their platforms and let the resolutions be left to Kleros .

It seems that some companies are already interested. Kleros is already planning to integrate the software with Ink Protocol and has announced a partnership with a company called Dether, created to allow users to make transactions using cryptocurrencies.

Some companies, like Augur, use similar game ideas, however, so it remains to be seen if Kleros is able to use his dogs to dominate the market.

The Doges On Trict Verdict

This looks like a very interesting game and a great idea. While it is not clear whether the company's protocol will be a success or not, at least it's a creative idea that uses cute images of doges. This is enough, is not it?

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