Key factors of why we might see a large increase in Tron (TRX) soon



Tron is a decentralized platform that makes use of a Peer-to-peer system for its network. The platform aims to decentralize the Web and also to change the content sector (entertainment).

Speaking of the blockchain project history, Tron was created by Justin Sun – a protege of Jack Ma. At the moment, many contents are managed by intermediaries such as Facebook, YouTube and the like. But Sun aims to create a system that helps content creators to have full ownership of their content (and of course to earn more money because there will be no intermediaries).

Next, Tron aims to free the entertainment industry and the content that is shared in it and also by ensuring that there is a system in which data can not be controlled (true decentralization and security ).

It is important to know that Tron (TRX) is also a platform that allows the distribution of digital goods exchange and market forecasts.

What are the advantages that Tron (TRX) brings to the table?

Tron has many advantages. Its team of developers is first-rate and also has a futuristic leader: Justin Sun. Tron is a platform that helps content creators; its users are entitled to earnings distributed by the platform.

Clearly, this blockchain platform was created for people with great interest in the entertainment world. It is worth mentioning that Tron has launched a series of projects that benefit not only the platform, but also its users and even developers. The most recent example is Tron's latest development tool.

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