Justin Sun Led's TRON (TRX) community is one of Blockchain's most promising projects

  Because TRON is one of the most promising blockchain projects

Since the completion of its last year's ICO sale, it is clear that TRON (TRX) has made great strides. In the space of twelve months, the digital currency has turned from a minnow to one of the most promising projects in cryptographic space. The rapid growth of cryptocurrency is attributed to its founder, Justin Sun, a Chinese investor considered a brilliant mind. In addition, Justin is also a former student of billionaire Jack Ma, the owner of Alibaba.

In the course of the existence of TRON, Justin has maintained close contact with the TRON community, to which he refers colloquially as "Tronics". information on updates, collaborations and developments with Tronics.

When the TRON network gained autonomy by separating itself from the Ethereum Blockchain at the end of June, it marked the most significant milestone since its launch. However, that was only the beginning according to the reports. Although global crypto markets are plunged and constantly fluctuating, TRON has performed exceptionally well, especially in recent months. Following are some of the reasons why TRON is among the most promising blockchain projects available on the market.

The Mass Adversation Campaign of Cryptocurrencies

As mentioned earlier, the TRON network became independent of the Ethereum protocols when it inaugurated the Odyssey mainnet on June 25, 2018. This, however , it was not the maximum limit for this ambitious project. In reality, it seems that this project is far from its peak, based on the speed with which it introduces new projects. Within two months of the mainnet release, Justin announced the establishment of TRON Virtual Machine and The Super Representative Elections. This trend seems destined to continue, at least for the next few months.

Earlier, the founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, indicated that cryptographic space no longer has the enormous potential for development it had before. Justin Sun does not agree with this view, stating that the cryptographic sphere will surely grow much bigger in the future once the digital currencies become mainstream. Apparently, these positive feelings made by Justin are those he usually shares with the Tronics.

As of now, Justin Sun has its goal of developing projects that facilitate the decentralization of the Internet. In the end, like all other cryptic hobbyists, Justin wants to reach the mass adoption of digital currencies. In this regard, TRON has recently added the TRX / USD trading pair on the Bittrex crypt exchange. Furthermore, TRON has recently acquired BitTorrent the largest peer-to-peer file sharing platform in the world.

Soon, Justin intends to incorporate both TRON and BitTorrent into a project called Atlas. Atlas will reward users on the BitTorrent content sharing platform. This move will increase the circulation of the TRX, resulting in an increase in its value. Recently, the TRX token has achieved impressive results regarding its value. At the time of writing, the prevalent value of TRX was $ 0.019527, an increase of 2.73% in 24 hours.

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