Jumbo jets are scrapped: Lufthansa has sold five Boeing 747-400s


Lufthansa has found a buyer for five old jumbo jets. The Boeing 747-400s are dismantled in the US and become spare parts donors.

They are still stuck in Twente. As the Dutch airport has a permit for landing, but not for wide-body aircraft take-offs, Lufthansa cannot pick up its six Boeing 747-400s parked there for the time being. The airline wanted to start on Tuesday (October 27).

Because it sold five of its Boeing 747-400s to GE Aviation Materials, a spokesperson for Lufthansa aeroTELEGRAPH confirmed. The jumbo jets are being decommissioned by the Texas-based company in the United States. The spare parts thus obtained return to circulation on the second-hand market after being re-registered. “The cell is being dismantled and recycled,” the spokesperson added.

A Boeing 747 is expected to fly to the United States every month

The plan calls for Lufthansa to deliver a Boeing 747-400 to GE Aviation Materials every month. “However, there may still be some changes in the program,” the spokesperson said. In order for the first car – the one with the registration number D-ABVP – to leave Twente after all, I am in talks with the authorities.

In June 2019, Lufthansa announced that it would phase out its remaining 13 Boeing 747-400s with an average age of just under 22 in the “medium term”. The group announced at the time that it would focus on eight long-range models. In the meantime some stops have been brought forward due to the Corona crisis. But recently the Boeing 747-400 was not among the planes due to leave early.

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