Joseph Lubin Invests in DrumG Technologies


While ETH is up eight percent in the last week, volatility is low in lower time frames. ETH prices are stable in the daily chart but there is a strong ceiling at $ 250 popping bull attempts. As prices lack bullish support, the Austrian government is using Joseph Lubin in the meantime is investing $ 6.5 million in DrumG.

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Joseph Lubin of ConsenSys is investing $ 6.5 million on a start-up blockchain, DrumG Technologies. To say but about the quality of the project. DrumG is working on. As the sole investor, Joseph is also a member of the board and a decision maker. Wikipedia say ConsenSys is a "software foundry", at workshops where dApps and services are running on the Ethereum platform are born. ConsenSys say they are "harness the power of Ethereum".

On the other hand, Drum is a tech company that specializes in building and operating for financial institutions under REGULATION. Because of their partnership, DrumG will build their apps on the Ethereum and R3's Rope platform.

Joseph said he was "excited to play a role in driving the business of true business value via the deployment of enterprise blockchain networks". He lauds the experience of DrumG technologies keen on delivering fast and true business value.

It is already working on the Titanium Network of which Credit Suisse will become their first client. Titanium network will rely on Ethereum to provide banks with trading and valuation operations. By Q1 2019, they plan on launching Post-Trade Network Reconciliation on R3 Coda network.

Ethereum Price Analysis

Weekly Chart

Ethereum Price Analysis

There is mild volatility in the weekly chart; ETH is up eight percent in the last week. Besides, prices are edging higher widening the gap between Ethereum and XRP market cap. At the time of press, ETH is $ 1.1 billion more valuable than XRP. XRP is up 22 percent in the same period.

Price wise, ETH is bearish thanks to the failure of buyers to build enough momentum to reverse week ending Sep 9 losses. All things constant, an effort versus result scenario

"ETH resurgence", prices are still trending below $ 250 and barely half-way above that bearish engulfing bar. While Fibonacci retracement rules might support ETH bulls, the lack of market participation and strong buy momentum mean our last Ethereum price analysis is valid. We recommend taking a neutral position going forward. That's until there are surges above $ 250- $ 300 resistance zone or below Sep lows at $ 160. The dairy trigger sellers aiming for $ 150 and later $ 75.

Daily Chart

Ethereum Price Analysis

If we draw a simple Fibonacci retracement tool from Sep high low, then it's clear that there is a 61.8 percent retracement from $ 160. Technically, this is deep and often reversals tend to print around this Fibonacci retracement levels. Further deflating ETH bulls is the failure of the lower level of resistance at $ 250.

Instead of complementing the last three weeks higher, there is a consolidation, accumulation / distribution inside Sep 27 bar.

It's a waiting game. Any dip below Sep 25 lows at $ 200, a psychological level, will be inviting for sellers aiming for $ 150. On the other hand, any break above $ 250 will be used as a first lot of buyers ramping up on dips with first targets at $ 300 and later $ 400.

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