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Joint Arab action is urgently needed

Jordanian Prime Minister Omar al-Razzaz said Sunday that the Arab world is witnessing difficult economic and geopolitical conditions that require joint action to achieve the highest levels of integration and coordination in order to meet challenges and establish stability and prosperity.

Al-Razzaz said in his speech at the beginning of the first session of the fourth Arab economic, social and development summit held in Beirut, Lebanon, that "an effective joint Arab action should not be limited to nationalist sentiments. Arabs, but it is an urgent need for survival and development for each of us, it follows that we must maximize our mosques and adhere to them and overcome all that divides us anything. "

The Jordanian Prime Minister proposed to form an Arab political and economic bloc to exploit the national and natural energies of the nation and give full weight to all our regional and international issues to achieve the supreme Arab interests, emphasizing that Arab ambition requires a common action in a systematic and thoughtful way.

Al-Razzaz expressed his great hope that this session will be chaired by the Lebanese Republic with success, positive results and practical decisions, taking into account the changing circumstances and changes taking place in the global economy.

Al-Razzaz said that today's meeting is a good opportunity to see the results of the Arab social and economic integration projects, underlining the need to find the necessary frameworks and the environment conducive to the growing cooperation between the private sector in Arab countries, underlining that the private sector is a fundamental driver of the economic process. The Arabs on its ability to increase trade and economic cooperation.

"This will also help encourage mutual investment to achieve economic integration and build a regional economy capable of achieving growth in all Arab countries".

Al-Razzaz stressed that "development is based on stability and security, and these are largely absent from our Arab world." He stressed the need to launch more effective efforts to solve all the crises in our region, the most important of which is the Israeli occupation, according to the two-state solution. The right to liberty and the state in its national territory with East Jerusalem as capital.

He stressed that the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan will do its utmost to promote cooperation and joint Arab action and achieve economic integration between the Arab countries.

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