Joe Lubin: Ethereum is a "viable candidate for the web 3.0"


Speaking at the Lisbon Web Summit, Ethereum's co-founder, Joe Lubin, shared his views on the second largest cryptocurrency and his role in the future of the economy.

During his opening speech, Lubin said that Ethereum could be the key to a fully decentralized and rebuilt Internet:

"Ethereum is at the forefront as a viable candidate for the Web 3.0 largely due to its interoperable and radically decentralized nature and it may take several years for our ecosystem to achieve deep interoperability and decentralization in the basic and upper layers" .

Continuing on the theme of the future, Lubin spoke of a tokenised economy, wishing a shift from the traditional nature of money to a society composed of "global villages".

According to Forbes, Lubin has previously stated that this type of change will introduce an "abundance mentality":

"We are going to have more control over our identity and our agency on these different decentralized networks and I think it will create more wealth […] more interest in expressing ourselves, and I think there will be more appetite for luxury than less, "said Lubin speaking at the New York Times International Luxury Conference in Hong Kong.

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