Jack Ma of Alibaba: Blockchain is meaningless, without production, society


Jack Ma, founder and CEO of Alibaba Group Holding, said the blockchain makes no sense if it can not transform manufacturing and society.

Alibaba Jack Ma expects Blockchain to create a greener and inclusive company [19659003] The Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, which traded on the New York Stock Exchange with a market capitalization of over $ 400 billion, has become quickly one of the leading blockchain developers in the world. The company has registered 43 blockchain patents in 2017, equal to 10% of all registered applications related to the blockchain.

For this reason, the founder of Alibaba Ma has acquired a status of leader in the blockchain industry whose comments are able to influence the markets. On Monday, during the World Intelligence Intelligence Conference in China, Ma proved to hold high hopes in distributed ledger technology, according to China Money Network.

"The data was a great opportunity for manufacturers to reform the industry, but blockchain and IoT will not make sense unless they are able to promote the transformation of manufacturing and manufacturing industry. The evolution of society towards a greener and inclusive direction. "

At the second World Intelligence Congress held in Tianjing in May, Ma reminded everyone that Bitcoin is not part of the Alibaba equation. He also said that Bitcoin is a bubble.

"Alibaba has been working on blockchain for several years, Blockchain is not a bubble, but Bitcoin is a bubble Bitcoin is just a small blockchain application Blockchain is not a huge gold mine […] At least within Alibaba, blockchain must be a solution that addresses privacy and security issues in the digital age. "

This is not the first time that Ma is publicly confident about blockchain and its disruptive abilities to change the world for the better. While launching the Ali Pay group blockchain remittance in June, he said that "blockchain technology can help overcome the challenges of security, sustainability and inclusion." It could change our world more than people can imagine. "

Alibaba's executive chairman said in June that the new generation of financial institutions, using blockchain, will provide assistance to 80% of the people and will get 20% of the profits, instead of what is traditional financial institutions do "serve the 20% of people and make 80% of profits ".

But, who intends to resign as executive president of Alibaba on 10 September 2019, he is particularly concerned about the US-China trade war, which predicts it could last 20 years: "It will last long, it will be a disaster."

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