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It was injected to increase its encryption in 2019

https://dk2dyle8k4h9a.cloudfront.net/Coinbase to increase its cryptographic list in 2019

Coinbase, which is one of the most important cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, is an ideal place where every coin aspires to be listed. In a candid interview with CNBC, Coinbase COO Asif Hirji suggested including as many significant coins as possible in the coming year.

The news of Coinbase will be a relief for many quality projects waiting on the side bench.

Hirji stated,

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A similar statement was made by Coinbase vice president, Dan Romero, when he considered Laura Shin's Unchained podcast that shed light on what Coinbase thought.

Dan has stated that the ability to manage cryptocurrencies is a fundamental part of functionality in the ecosystem.

The Coinbase Cryptocurrency list increases at a faster rate

Earlier this month, Coinbase announced its support for the tokens of Civic, District0x, Loom Network and Decentraland. The exchange, after adding support to several new tokens in recent months, now continues to evaluate about 30 potential assets of ERC 20 compared to its Digital Asset Framework to determine factors such as security, compliance and the mission of the exchange to create a financial system open to the world.

Hirji also added that the institutional investors who invested in Coinbase considered the development of the exchange against the price of Bitcoin before investing in the company. In addition, investors will make long-term money as the encrypted can not offer much for a short time. About the IPO, Hirji said that Coinbase must do a lot to be considered an IPO.

Coinbase in 2019 will wait for a multitude of adverts and the coins will have to do their best to find a rank in the list.

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