It happened at night | More than 900,000 crown cases in the Arab world and stories



Sunday 26 July 2020

Prepared by – Mahmoud Ali:
Last night, and until the early hours of this morning, Sunday morning, we witnessed many important events, locally and internationally, the most important of which were the following:

Health: 511 new cases of “Corona” have been recorded … and 40 deaths

The Ministry of Health and Population announced on Saturday that 933 people recovered from Coronavirus have been discharged from hospitals, after receiving the necessary medical treatment and recovery according to the guidelines of the World Health Organization, bringing the total number of people healed. from the virus to 32,903 cases.
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The mother of the martyr of honor: “My son died of treason and the president asked for punishment”.

Saad Al-Sayed Ali, the father of the martyr of Shahama in Dakahlia, revealed the details of his son’s murder in defense of his sister, saying, “My son was jealous in his honor and confronted those who tried to harass. his sister with words outside, near the house, and when his mother came to him and slapped him with a pen in front of people, she immediately went to him. Pointing out that his son is studying at the law school and helps him in the shoes.

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A surprise in the result of the DNA analysis of the Palm Beach corpse in Alexandria

Councilor Mahmoud Zaghloul, head of Al-Amiriya’s first prosecutor’s office, decided to take a second sample from the body that was found in Palm Beach, known as “Death Beach”, in the Al-Ajami neighborhood, west of Alexandria.
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“They didn’t regain health even after 3 weeks.” Corona threatens young people with long-term illness

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that the “Covid-19” virus can cause long-term illness, even among young people who have no underlying medical condition.
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The head of the diving team in Suez reveals a surprise at the crash site of the “Al-Adabia” shipwreck

Wael Tawfiq, head of the diving team in Suez, said the presence of a series of mountains in the Adabiya area, which yesterday witnessed the drowning of 3 people, is the reason behind the distance of the body of one of the drowned by 10 kilometers, indicating that this area is experiencing very strong circulation currents.
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A resident of an orphanage of the Minister of Solidarity: “Consider your daughters and protect us … and” Al-Kabbaj “replies:” I am your guarantor “.

One of the residents of Dar al-Safa for orphans in Talkha, named “Yara”, said a complaint was filed against Mahmoud Ezz El-Din, the former house manager, after leaving the house after being tortured and beaten, noting that the director of the shelter used to deal with us in a severe and abused manner and dealt with beatings and intimidation.

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Water Expert: Trust in the African Union in the negotiations must last for a certain period

Dr Khaled Abu Zeid, regional director of water resources at the Center for the Environment, said there should be a schedule and timing for any new round of negotiations on the Renaissance dam issue and the deal should include any development projects. future.
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Water expert: The first filling of the Renaissance dam poses no threat to Egypt’s water share

Dr Abdel Fattah Mutawa, the former head of the Nile water sector, said that Egypt will not give up its water rights and we seek to reach a binding agreement on the Renaissance dam, indicating that there are no problems between the ‘Egypt and the African Union, and we are interested in solving the Renaissance dam problem, saying: “If not The African Union solves the Grand Prix dam issue for our door to the Security Council.

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Thousands of Israelis are protesting government policies in tackling the Corona pandemic

Thousands of Israelis took part in Saturday night demonstrations against unemployment, corruption and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s response to the emerging coronavirus pandemic.
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More than 900,000 injured in the Arab world … and 5 countries without injuries today

The total number of Coronavirus infections – Covid 19 – in the Arab world has reached 904,551 cases and the number of deaths has reached 16,218 cases.
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Corona’s first case … North Korea declares maximum emergency

North Korea announced it was in a “state of extreme emergency” after suspecting the first Corona virus infection, according to official media, admitting for the first time that the Covid-19 outbreak may have reached the country.
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