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Is the pain of Ethereum a deep and hard fork?

  • ETH still has a long way to go before entering the field.
  • Hard fork talks making rounds.

Ethereum, the crypt that has long been the second cryptography and has lost its coveted label in XRP, has a long journey to reach the bottom of the earth before the process of extinction can begin, even if the hard fork talks in arrival started making turns in the cryptology circle.

ETH / USD is up about 0.7 percent on the day at $ 124.35, almost close to the day's low point after reaching the $ 128 high previously. On the daily chart, as reported by this author last week (read here), it goes towards the double digit, potentially reaching $ 70-80 points.

What could trigger a move to these levels is probably a blow that comes in the Ethereum, called the Ethereum 1x, a potential technological upgrade to increase the capabilities of the platform aggressively. Even if the hard gallows are still far away, in June 2019.

Daily ETH / USD chart:

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