Is Ethereum dead? Will it reach $ 0?



According to many cryptocurrency experts, it is estimated that the native asset value of ETH could reach 0 . Keep in mind that these do not refer to the network Ethereum itself .

People in the cryptocurrency space who claim that the prices of Ethereum do not fall are in a wrong notion as for the amount of competition and scalability that the network faces, has made the collapse of value inevitable.

According to experts, if Ethereum were to undergo widespread adoption and dominate the overall cryptocurrency market, then the prices of the eteroum should decrease. The article explains the various value propositions presented by the official Ethereum organization.

Creating Extraordinary Applications

The Ethereum platform is designed natively for the development and use of smart contracts in an extremely robust, secure and simple way. Smart contracted applications have globalized recognition and ownership of property as well as having great value in the market. Therefore the platform easily allows the developers of Ethereum, in order to create an entire financial market, records of debts and liabilities are filed, and also the future trading is made automatic through a predefined instruction. In short, all risk factors of decentralized applications would be eliminated if Ethereum were successful as a value proposition.

No future of gas

It is generally observed that Ethereum's assets, ETH, have no real value proposition because they are not very concentrated by the official organization of Ethereum itself. However, gas ethereum is the way we pay transaction fees to the network.

The mechanism of operation of the Ethereum gas can be perceived very easily through an illustration. Imagine that four people share a car that is an intelligent contract that has to reach a certain destination. The driver of the smart contract or the car only needs to add fuel to the car to make it work, this fuel is nothing more than with gas ethereum. In practice, fuel is used by the engine, but as compared to the Ethereum network, there is actually no need for ethereal gas prices to make an intelligent contract. It's just a theoretical concept, so there is a real value proposition for ETH as a gas. This could probably make Ethereum dead .

Elimination of fees based on etereum

Imagine a network where transaction fees are collected using Ethereum gas. The Ethereum intermediate gas that users pay to the network is only a conceptual abstraction. Users can also be the transaction fees directly to the minor in any cryptocurrency of their choice, the Ethereum is just an intermediate and common platform for everyone to pay taxes for their convenience.

We can explicitly specify the technical specifications of a particular miner against a smart contract and their ether-based commissions can be charged by depositing commissions directly in the cryptocurrencies of their choice within an intelligent contract, and the intelligent contract would require care of everything else. This is probably another reason that would make Ethereum dead.

I can not prove the economic etereum and the abstraction and this will make the death of Ethereum

The official organization behind Ethereum presented 4 different explanations for the proposed value of Ethereum, which turns out to be not very noteworthy enough

Lack of software support for the network.

According to the experts, it is estimated that the software requirements are very complex and unreliable because their native ethereum heritage is slightly different from the top counters of ERC therefore, the functionality added in particular must be made available in portfolios to make them both acceptable. The argument could make Ethereum dead.

Difficulty in the price of ethereum.

The abstraction of the ethereum market is difficult due to the unavoidable need to monitor market prices. They need to predict future prices in order to achieve high returns from the blockchain ethereum network.

The existence of smart contracts that are not linked to tokens.

Smart contracts have the ability to initiate a transaction and pay commissions in any cryptocurrency token of their choice. Contracts can also be integrated with decentralized exchanges in order to meet order books. However, not all smart contracts are linked to tokens based on Ethereum.

The Ethereum requirement for his Palio Proof.

In addition, the Proof of Stake algorithm with the Ethereum network incorporates does not actually require any kind of Ethereum and would probably make Ethereum dead.

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