Is Ethereum Classic (ETC) worth the hype? Classic prediction of Ethereum


In recent months, Ethereum Classic has gained greater popularity as more and more people are starting to learn about the harsh ethereum fork. The platform has gained investor confidence especially now that Ethereum is experiencing a difficult period. Ethereum Classic basically does everything that Ethereum does, but it does it a little better and its native chits are cheaper. It is true that the price of Ethereum Classic has long been in decline, but it is important to note that it is not the only currency that will suffer a price collapse. The downward trend is in the entire market as Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other cryptocurrencies are taking hits. Thus, it would be unfair to judge Ethereum Classic based on its price action.

Price Ethereum Classic (ETC) today – ETC / USD

The Ethereum Classic network framework is very robust and sets it apart from many other platforms. However, Ethereum Classic has been underestimated for a long time. Only some traders and investors know the true value of the platform. The truth is that it offers traders the opportunity to make long-term profits on investments. Recently, some cryptocurrency experts have invested in Ethereum Classic.

Asian players show interest in Ethereum Classic

For some time, South Korea, Japan and other Asian countries have shown a strong interest in Ethereum Classic. Most of the major exchanges in Asia are reporting large volumes of trades in the Ethereum Classic. As you may already know, the cryptocurrency industry has a large market in Asia. So being a favorite in the Asian market means more adoption for the currency.

Analysis of the classic prices of Ethereum

At the time of writing, Ethereum Classic was trading at $ 11.27. This shows a fall of 0.66% against the dollar and a fall of 0.47% against bitcoin. This is far from its all-time high, but traders should not be discouraged as the future is bright for Ethereum Classic. We hope that, before the end of the year, there will be an upward trend that will benefit all cryptocurrencies that are influenced by the price of Bitcoin. When this happens, the price of Ethereum Classic will increase.

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