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Is bitcoin (BTC) really the worst investment in the year?

FinExpertiza, a network of Russian auditing and consulting
the companies have recently analyzed the profitability of various activities that you could
they invested in the year 2018. Their research found that Bitcoin was
the worst among those in the group.

The analysis was requested by a Russian newspaper
Rossiyskaya Gazeta is focused on 14 different assets, including metals such as silver,
gold, platinum and the opening star of the year, the palladium. FinExpertiza
the numbers crunched and looked what would have happened if I had invested
300,000 rubles in each of these activities at the end of the year.

If the money was invested in Bitcoin, the researchers noted,
you would have lost more than 72.2% of the value of the investment, as they would have done 213,000 rubles
been lost from the analysis of the day has been concluded. On the other hand, if the funds
have been invested in palladium, the investment of 300,000 rubles would have increased
of 30,000 rubles, just over a 10% increase in value.

Palladium outperformed every other resource included here mainly due to the threat of a potential trade war between the United States and China, which led to a demand that has greatly exceeded the offer this year, analysts said.

Currently, the media is full of articles claiming that Bitcoin is a walking dead. Comparisons between its price in December 2017 and this month are plastered everywhere to scare people from investing in cryptocurrency.

However, Bitcoin has had a bad year but not as bad as reported various researches including FinExpertiza. According to Bloomberg, if you compare the price of BTC in 2017 and 2018 with its price in 2011 and 2013, this dip seems to be consistent with the normal market cycles of cryptocurrency.

Looking at price declines over the last two months, many would consider buying the cryptocurrency again. But keep in mind that BTC has decreased by 87% in November 2013 and has not managed to gain momentum for almost four years. In the penultimate month of 2017, its lowest price was registered as $ 5,555.55. In just 45 days, the price went to break records and reach a maximum of about $ 20,000 in the second part of last December.

Appearing on CNN International, the founder of Morgan Creek Digital Assets, Anthony Pompliano, has definitely rejected the idea that the bitcoin is dead and has faced the reason why he and many crypto-proponents, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts remain engaged in the new technology in the middle of the most recent Bitcoin price dip.

"We have a deep long-term belief, and if we look at the fundamentals, the volume of 24-hour transactions on the Bitcoin network is about $ 4.6 billion in recent times and the market capitalization is $ 74 billion. So this is a multiple of 16 times the volume of transactions by market capitalization.It is very similar to Mastercard, which makes transactions for about $ 11 billion and has a value of about $ 180 billion, so from a value point of view , it's right there on par with Mastercard. "

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