IOTA, XinFin and Ethereum Classic are the first 3 coins to overcome Ethereum as "the best intelligent contracting platform in the world" – Crypto Recorder


The last few days were rough for Ethereum (ETH) fans because the price of Ether, the base currency of the blockchain, fell to the levels seen last July. With a current price of $ 202 USD, the currency has seen its value throw 85% since the highs were observed at the beginning of January and suffered from the recent September selloff.

The heavy fall in Ether's price was delivered with the resurrection of the Ethereum Classic (ETC), the mass adoption of the internet of things technology and the rise of the hybrid blockchain. These last two acts are strongly dominated by two blockchain on the map of Iota (MIOTA) and XinFin (XDCE).

The three blockchain-Ethereum Classic, Iota and XinFin Network could be the answers to the problems faced by the pioneering intelligent contract platform, Ethereum?

1. IOTA blockchain (MIOTA) leader in IoT technologies.

Iota Foundation, the custodian of the IOTA project, has partnered with some of the world's largest auto manufacturers in Audi and Volkswagen to test their technologies for better stand-alone autonomous technologies. The rise of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies around the world will offer a platform for IOTA blockchain to be the best in offering a decentralized peer-to-peer platform.

Ethereum has long offered an intelligent contract platform that allows users to create decentralized platforms on it. However, the rise of IoT connectivity and the "things" that communicate with each other all over the world is reaching its region where most companies venture into the sector from home appliances, shoes, automotive industry, etc.

2. The XinFin Network hybrid blockchain (XDCE)

IOTA does not offer direct competition with the Ethereum blockchain, although the blockchain could become the best in the world. XinFin Network is a hybrid blockchain that solves the slow transaction times of Ethereum and high commissions by offering a hybrid blockchain solution to push towards global economic freedom.

The XinFin platform works on the XDC 01 protocol (built on the Ethereum blockchain) to offer payments and transactions through the system. One of the brightest stars of blockchain technology offers a hybrid model blockchain that overwhelms Ethereum's public blockchain. It offers companies a private platform to make confidential and private transactions unlike Ethereum.

XinFin not only offers a platform superior to Ethereum, but also a cheaper option to invest in a future world beater. The XDCE token currently trades at $ 0.000858 USD, offering a discounted purchase price for the token.

3. Ethereum Classic (ETC) takes back the lost glory

As noted earlier in the article, the fall of Ethereum comes at a time when Ethereum Classic, the "forgotten" hard fork, has regained its feet in terms of development and ranking. Moreover, the blockchain has adopted the IoT technology which gives it an advantage over its chain of brothers. It could be a case of Ethereum winning over the fans of Ethereum as the currency offers a cheaper option for purchase and a heavily protected platform.

However, ETC has obtained a considerable number of listings on exchanges through the listing of Coinbase, placing it on a par with Ethereum with pride and future prospects for success

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