Investments of Litecoin [LTC] and Ethereum [ETH] revealed by another member of the United States Congress


Last week Tulsi Gabbard, a representative of the US state revealed in his financial reporting form that he had invested up to $ 15,000 in each, Ethereum and Litecoin in December 2017. MP Tulsi Gabbard is in the service of the 2nd district of Hawaii and was the youngest person ever to be elected in the Hawaii State Legislature.

  Gabbards financial disclosure form | Source:

Form of the Gabbard financial statement | Source:

Previously, another member of the United States Congress named Bob Goodlatte, who serves as president of the House Judiciary Committee, revealed his wealth in cryptocurrencies [Bitcoin and Ethereum]. This was the result of the mandatory US government protocol in which members are required to disclose their participations in cryptocurrency.

Litecoin and Ethereum have been successful in terms of adoption and technology respectively. Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, has left no stone unturned in bringing the adoption to his cryptocurrency. On several occasions, the IT has also made it clear that his priority for Litecoin is that more and more exchanges, merchants and other related platforms are being adopted.

When it comes to Ethereum, dozens of cryptocurrency tokens still use Ethereum's blockchain technology to support themselves. There are three types of Ethereum tokens, namely ERC20, ERC223 and ERC777.

In the United States, official authorities have projected a mixed perspective on the cryptocurrency space. The Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC] was in the spotlight for rejecting and delaying multiple Bitcoin ETFs proposed by various institutions.

Subsequently, Congressman Brad Sherman approved comments on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general during the subcommittee on monetary policy and the commercial hearing: "The future of money: digital currency" is held in July. He said that the extraction and trade of cryptocurrencies must be banned for all US citizens. The subcommittee is dedicated to the area of ​​financial services.

The popularity of cryptocurrencies is growing in the United States. According to Google Trends, Hawai is at the top of the list of states that have the highest online Bitcoin searches. Other states that have been included in the list are Massachusetts, Colorado, New Jersey, Nevada, Washington, California, Illinois, Utah and New York.

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