Investment Evolution Coin Ltd. launches global exchange of cryptocurrencies in Malta, Exchange Evolution Exchange (IECX)


MALTA, 04 September 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Investment Evolution Coin Ltd. ("IEC Ltd") announced the success of the launch of its global cryptocurrant exchange, Investment Evolution Exchange ("IECX"), in Malta. IEC Ltd has recently launched its own cryptocurrency, Investment Evolution Coin, in June 2018, which now operates on IECX. IECX has strong confidence in the industry and infrastructure of the blockchain in Malta, with plans to invest over 2 million euros in the Maltese economy. IECX is currently hiring a team of local employees for its St Julian's headquarters in Malta and is accepting applications on its cryptocurrency coins / token list to be listed for trading on IECX. The company's management looks forward to presenting the IECX cryptocurrency exchange and related blockchain services at the next Delta Summit sponsored by the Government of Malta since October 3 – 5 2018.

Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation Silvio Schembri has welcomed the Investment Evolution ongoing plans in Malta and the growing blockchain ecosystem and infrastructure. "Since the promulgation of the 3 Bills into law, Malta is increasingly becoming a natural choice among the companies in the blockchain and crypto and this is due to the legal certainty that Malta provides to the new emerging industry. now to work with IEC and to see the company apply all necessary permits according to regulatory requirements, "said Schembri, thanking IEC for choosing to be part of the Malta Blockchain Community. Silvio Schembri added that in a few weeks Malta will demonstrate its remarkable results in this sector. "This will take place between 3 and 5 October during the DELTA Summit, the official Blockchain event of the Maltese government and I invite companies in this area to be part of the DELTA Summit that will celebrate Malta as a leader in the DLT regulation", called Schembri. [19659003] Paul Mathieson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of IEC Ltd, said, "We are thrilled to have launched the global IECX cryptocurrency exchange in Malta, the leading regulated cryptography and fintech jurisdiction.Our team has conducted a & 39 extensive research that included visits to many other potential jurisdictions worldwide and determined that Malta was the best location for the exchange of cryptocurrencies, with the added benefit of Malta as a member of the European Union Three recent Malta bills, approved in July, provide a robust regulatory framework that will support the blockchain industry and provide certainty to companies such as IECX.We thank the Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat, and the junior minister for financial services, the digital economy and innovation at the office of Prime Minister Silvio Schembri, for their vision and leadership in transforming Malta into the first and the only blockchain island in the world. We are looking forward to working closely with the Government of Malta and being a key part of the expected exponential growth of the blockchain industry in Malta in the coming years. "

About Investment Evolution Exchange

IECX currently trades Investment Evolution Coin (IEC) and Bitcoin (BTC) and will soon add other cryptocurrencies to the exchange as Ethereum (ETH). IECX also plans, in coordination with one of the major Maltese banks , add fiat EUR / USD deposits / withdrawals and convert the EUR / USD fiat into encryption.

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on Investment Evolution Coin Ltd.

IEC Ltd is an unlisted public company with its cryptocurrency, investment investment Coin ("IEC") that currently trades on IECX and global PayBito exchanges.Interly, the IEC cryptocurrency will be used to facilitate quick and free payments to the Philippines by foreign Filipino foreign workers located in Europe and the Middle East, before expanding to other global markets for payment of cryptocurrencies of consumers and companies. IEC Ltd is the owner of the global cryptocurrency exchange Investment Evolution Exchange (IECX) in Malta, provides cryptocurrency token / exchange services using the IEC network and plans to offer IEC cryptocurrency loans to its payment customers in the future.

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Paul Mathieson
Investment Evolution Coin Ltd.
President / CEO and Founder
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