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Investing in development is the winning bet for the Arab countries

The Minister of Economy of the United Arab Emirates, Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, emphasized the acumen of his country to support the resolutions of the Arab Summit and work with the Arab brothers to follow their results and contribute to the achievement desired development goals.

Al-Mansouri told the second public session of the fourth Arab economic, social and development summit held in the Lebanese capital of Beirut on Sunday, that investment in development is the winning bet for Arab countries and that it focuses on issues economic and social interests of the Arab world, It makes my future to future generations of Arabs.

He stressed that the enthusiasm of Arab countries to work together to promote economic and social cooperation is the best way to promote development opportunities and find solutions to the challenges they face. Develop programs that serve sustainable growth in the Arab world.

He called on Arab countries to strengthen cooperation in key economic sectors, develop a sustainable energy strategy, encourage tourism and develop new funding mechanisms for the Arab region, which will lead to a more balanced Arab economy and balanced.

Al-Mansouri emphasized the acidity of his country to share its skills and competencies to support the needs of Arab development and stressed that changes in the global economy require greater Arab cooperation to increase levels of trade trade and encourage Arab investment.

He emphasized the importance of cooperation to develop a common Arab vision in the field of digital economy, noting that the United Arab Emirates is making efforts to this end because they represent the most important model for building future economies in light of the further developments in the world of technology and communications and its impact on world trade and investment prospects.

He stressed that today's world is preparing for a new digital revolution whose main tools are advanced technology, artificial intelligence, e-commerce and modern technologies and has invited Arab countries to participate in this worldwide trend in cooperation to develop a strategy special for the development of the Arab digital economy.

The United Arab Emirates minister affirmed the support of his country to the decisions and recommendations issued by the summit, hoping to lay the foundations for projects and initiatives that bring the reality of Arab development to a pompous level.

source: Shorouk Portal

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