Intel, a multinational SAP software partner in the Enterprise Blockchain Development Initiative

Intel's multinational and SAP software announced to join forces to address "market gaps" for solutions that power corporate blockchain systems, according to an Intel post-September 4 official.

Intel and SAP write that their twenty-year collaboration on corporate infrastructure platforms has recently expanded to include blockchain technologies, led by the creation of a global industry blockchain consortium led by SAP.

The post outlines the blockchain initiatives of both companies to date, some of which aim to make the technology interoperable with the SAP HANA Data Management System, on which both companies have collaborated closely for development.

The SAP HANA blockchain adapter integrates with the newly launched Cloud Blockchain platform and allows SAP customers to "consume and build on blockchain" data in SAP HANA using a SQL interface and standard SQL commands, both locally and in strong. "

SAP also launched a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) on the SAP cloud platform blockchain, which allows customers to integrate corporate data and blockchain using a pay-as-you-go model. [19659002] Intel, for its part, highlights its processor technology which, he says, can offer capacity and speed as a basis for a wide range of blockchain applications, and also claims that its Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX) can improve security for blockchain source code and data and help "improve throughput and consensus efficiency."

The post outlines the collaboration between SAP and Intel with other parts – including UPS, Flex and HPE – to create a blockchain-based supply chain management proof-of-concept solution, dubbed International Trade.

Other initiatives related to SAP and Intel blockchain include studies that analyze blockchain metrics to address bottlenecks of the network this can lead to slow throughput problems. Both companies are facing specific hardware configurations in an attempt to define the parameters to create "technical standards for individual cases of use of blockchain", notes post.

As Cointelegraph reported, Intel has focused this summer on privacy research in partnership with the Decentralized Application Platform (DApp) Enigma, while the latter is preparing to launch its blocknet blockchain. Intel also has a number of blockchain-related partnerships spanning multiple industries, including health care, and has also partnered with the virtual hardware accounting company.

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