Indian teen threatens to blow up Miami Airport after losing Bitcoin


An 18-year-old Indian teenager has threatened to blow up Miami International Airport (MIA) as a retaliatory move for the non-cooperative attitude of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation of the FBI to help him to track down an American scammer who fooled him with $ 1,000 of bitcoins on a popular online forum.

Based on the news published on the local Hindustan Times, the anonymous 18-year-old from the northern state of Uttar Pradesh had made several phone calls to the FBI to file a complaint for a bad bitcoin business. When he felt he would not get the help he needed, he called Miami airport and threatened to blow it up. He reportedly reported that he had handed over his investment to an unnamed individual whom he had met in an online forum, who had assured the teenager that he could help him make profits through a bitcoin business.

The cited news OP Singh, Uttar Pradesh police chief general, said there were no immediate plans to arrest or disclose the identity of the guilty, since "he was only 18 years and three months". Not satisfied with the FBI response To his situation, he made "five calls to the Miami airport authorities, threatening to attack the airport by introducing ammunition with an AK-47 assault rifle, grenades and a suicide belt ", added the DGP.

The FBI had contacted the Indian National Detective Agency after the call of the teenager at Miami Airport. The boy told police that he took his father's funds, who run an NGO, to invest in Bitcoin. After earning huge profits in the previous period, he handed over his investment to a scammer in an online forum that promised him more profits, according to reports.

The teenager was charged under the Indian Penal Code and the IT. The Indian penal code was slapped on him for having passed off to someone else and for issuing threats against Miami airport, while the Act was to make calls to the foreign authorities on the Internet.

In other related news, a panel set up by the Indian Ministry of Finance to propose a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies is set up to recommend a state-supported cryptocurrency. According to reports, the group will also advise the government to conduct research on distributed ledger technology and how it can benefit the nation.

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