Independent Russian electoral watchdog in Blockchain pilot for voting system


A Russian independent electoral watchdog is experimenting with a blockchain-based electronic voting system, the local Tass news platform reporting on 17 August.

The nonprofit association of independent public observers, dubbed "National Public Monitoring" (NOM), announced the pilot at a press conference in Moscow on Friday. Federal Coordinator NOM Roman Kolomystev told reporters:

"As part of our congress, we are launching a pilot electronic voting system built on a blockchain system."

The Russian inaugural congress of public observers took place on the initiative of NOM, alongside the Russian Fund for free elections and the Association of Lawyers of the Russian Federation, reports Tass.

Other partners of the event would be the Clean Election Body, the People's Observer and the Public Association Group 32. Tass cites Kolomoytsev states that the event was attended by an audience of 300 people.

Russia has been involved in trying to approve the crypto and blockchain legislation from the beginning of January. This spring saw the State Duma accept a first reading of a package of drafts bills concerning crypto and blockchain, but the Russian government still has to formally approve the statutes as a law.

As Cointelegraph reported at the beginning of this month, the Ukrainian electorate The Commission is also working with NEM on a series of experiments to apply blockchain technology to the electoral vote.

In the United States, select residents of the state of West Virginia will be able to use a "blockchain-based" mobile app for voting in federal elections this November. The mobile voting platform, Voatz, employs facial recognition software to ensure that each voter matches the identification issued by the government. The use of the app will be limited to members of the armed forces serving overseas.

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