Blockchain job interest (and post) dip as bitcoin loses steam


Job Search Service In fact, it has published new data demonstrating that the interest in job roles related to bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency has declined over the last year.

The data, released on Friday, collide with other job search sites that have announced a labor market linked to the rising blockchain. Salaries for blockchain developers, for example, come up to $ 175,000, as there is a shortage of talent available, according to Janco Associates, a management consulting firm that conducts regular pay surveys. By comparison, software engineers earn an average of $ 137,000, according to Mehul Patel, CEO of the Hired job search site.

The number of full-time job openings related to the blockchain now exceeds 12,000, a growth rate of 400% in the last year, according to Janco Associates.

In fact, a job search site that collects more than 200 million unique visitors per month has examined how the interest in cryptocurrency has changed in the last year. The data showed that bitcoin prices have declined, as has the interest of job seekers in roles linked to bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency ", while employers' interest has stabilized", said a spokesperson via email.

In the last year or so, Bitcoin went on a wild ride, with prices for a single token that rose to nearly $ 20,000 before collapsing by more than half. As of Friday, the price has dropped to one of its lowest points in 2018 – about $ 5,500. In the meantime, other reports have found that technology executives no longer mention terms related to cryptocurrency in earnings calls.

bitcoin price Coindesk

Bitcoin's price has been on a wild ride in the last few months.

From October 2017 to October 2018, the interest for job seekers for bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency roles decreased by 3.06%, while the employer's interest in those same roles increased 25.49%, according to Indeed.

"Which was very different from the previous year's interest levels," said Indeed spokesman. "If you look at the data for the previous year, from October 2016 to October 2017, the interest for job applicants for roles related to bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency increased by 481.61%, while Employers' interest in roles related to the same terms has increased by 325%. "

Already last March, the interest for IT professionals with bitcoin skills saw a decline linked to the rapid and rapid value of the digital currency. The interest in blockchain skills, at the time, remained high.

Careers Blockchain really jobs Indeed
  • The blue line represents job search searches for bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency per million
  • The red line represents the employer's professional interest, based on job offers per million, which include bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency

Indeed, research shows that while interest has declined, there continues to be a robust market for those with blockchain and cryptocurrency capabilities.

The market capitalization of cryptocurrency is estimated at $ 211 billion, according to a new report by the auditing firm and KPMG commercial services.

In 2019, the most innovative work involving ledger accounting technology (DLT) – blockchain – will focus on the tokenisation of resources, or on the ability to represent digital or physical assets and legal currencies such as tokens that can be sold or traded on a network .

"The blockchain is still in high demand, largely driven by large retail businesses that are pushing suppliers into their systems," Jancoitis CEO Janco told via email.

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