In which cryptocurrency to invest? Why not the Ingot Coin digital currency?


The Coin INGOT project approaches the end of its ICO phase and has raised over $ 40 million in funding. The aforementioned sound pleasant and sweet. But what makes INGOT Coin cryptocurrency different from other cryptos on the market? In this article, we will highlight 3 reasons why you should invest in INGOT Coin.

1. The IC token provides its owners with an easy existence

Most of the currently existing crypts are priced against ETH. Suppose that X cryptocurrency has a current price of 0.1 ETH and ETH is valued at $ 600. This means that X is worth $ 60. Now suppose the price of X becomes 0.15 ETH. This will lead to assuming that a profit has been obtained. But it is not entirely true. Because? Because if the price of Eth goes down to $ 200, X would only be worth $ 30. With INGOT Coin, this will not be the case. The INGOT coin is anchored directly against the US dollar, a stable currency, which in turn gives investors the opportunity to enjoy easy exit whenever they wish.

2. IC is a multi-utility token

Suppose you have Apple shares worth $ 1000 and you go into an Apple store to buy one of their products for the same amount. Now imagine telling him that you have $ 1000 of shares you would like to use to buy the item you wanted. What would be their answer? Well, you're likely to hear the following "Are you kidding? We do not accept shares as a method of payment, cash or credit, sir!" However, inside the Coin INGOT ecosystem is currently under construction, it will be possible to use these actions as a payment method. Therefore, if you purchase Apple shares through INGOT Coin, you can use their value to make the purchase. In other words, your actions will be converted into money only within 300 milliseconds! Apple will have its money and you will have made a purchase with the value of your shares.

3. Diversification

Most ICOs aim to provide a single solution to a single problem. But with INGOT Coin, there are six main projects: IC Wallet, IC Digital Bank, IC Brokerage, IC Exchange, IC Certificator, IC ICO Accelerator. The success of this project does not depend on one factor but rather on six! In this sense, not only is a diversified investment, but also a diversified risk.

The IC Ecosystem will also provide support 24 hours a day, with services that connect the encrypted market to the traditional financial market. INGOT Coin wants to have the fastest and safest entry and exit mechanisms in the sector on both the cryptocurrency and the fiat side, which will make the redistribution of resources and trading techniques as frantic and efficient as possible. INGOT Coin tries to make all this possible by using distributed technologies to get rid of third-party intermediaries to solve problems that have plagued the traditional banking system such as high taxes, unavailability of service and long waiting periods.

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