Impact of Crypto Trade stocks due to Ethereum Blockchain


The Ethereum blockchain officially reached the commercial exchanges of the European Union with the help of the American stock exchange, the Nasdaq. In the last update, it was announced that investors will now be able to purchase tokenised shares in some of the leading technology companies listed on the stock exchange. This will be officially open as early as January 9th as the best start and perhaps this is the best way to start 2019 for the Crypto community.

Nasdaq has partnered with the Estonian, DX digital trading platform. Exchange for the entire project through which investors can buy shares of companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Tesla and many others.

The confirmation came after DX Exchange officially announced that investors will receive options in trading with tokens represented as ERC-20 powered by a blockchain ethereum through smart contracts. This agreement will make DX a platform with exclusive license that can trade with stock products tokenised in the EU. These digital titles combine traditional investments and blockchain. These stocks are supported on a 1: 1 ratio on conventional bags. In this way, a token holder automatically becomes a shareholder of the company as mentioned by Bitcoinist.

DX will use the Nasdaq financial information exchange protocol (FIX). The token offered on the sale will respond to shares of companies listed on the market listed on stock exchanges such as NYSE, Tokyo Stock Exchange, NASDAQ and Hong Kong Exchange.

Future of digital stocks

2019 is about to witness a transformation in the domain of digital stocks that land in the major stock exchanges around the world. According to The Street, with the recent developments, it seems as though it has already started where there is a valuable internet release. Financial institutions rely more on blockchain ethereum and reflection on encrypted commerce on the generation of democratized finance.

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