If you are teasing Tron's TRX currency, consider waiting at least a year to sell

If you are teasing Tron's TRX currency, consider waiting at least a year to sell

If you're teasing TRX, you might consider waiting at least a year to sell

The bear market continues for the world of cryptocurrencies, and many consumers are watching their investments take the hit for this. Tron (TRX) was also hit, despite their high performance in December. Some investors will probably be asking whether they should not worry about having any confidence in the industry, but experts believe that these suspicious TRXs should wait at least a year.

TRX went through the migration of the Tron tokens in July, when over 50 exchanges helped the exchange and even encouraged the matching of the fiat currency. This is something that has assisted Binance, Bittrex and Bitfinex. This is one of the many demonstrations that the various exchanges have seen the potential offered by digital resources, which supports the recommendations to keep the sale of TRX at bay.

Another reason to wait is Project Atlas, which is the file sharing platform established by BitTorrent. This project provides incentives through a custom token for seeders. It seems that this digital resource could soon become coveted and will support anyone on the network. In turn, Tron recently launched the Magic Academy which does something similar. Users have ownership of various items within the game, allowing them to cash in on the creations. Successfully, this effort could bring more users and more investors.

Tron Mainnet offers consumers the ability to create their own coins. In essence, this means that anyone who creates their own currency will then have the opportunity to host an ICO on the currency, something that some experts believe can overcome the performance and attitude of Ethereum. The application created by the ICO will substantially promote the Tron platform even further. If TRX follows the Ethereum scheme, the price could rise to $ 3 before the end of the year, which would be a better time to sell.

However, all these ideas are just speculations, at best. There is no way to predict how the price will change, because the market can go through so many fluctuations that it can alter that forecast. With the progress that industry is making with decentralization and how Justin Sun is driving Tron's progress, these options are becoming a likely reality.

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