ICON presents 3 Blockchain apps jointly with the Seoul government


ICON's initiatives to connect South Korea in its blockchain ecosystem are catching on. Recently, at the Blockchain International Digital Festival, which was hosted by the metropolitan government of Seoul, ICON has demonstrated the three main components of its blockchain ecosystem for residents of Seoul – ICON Blockchain Identification Card, ICON Blockchain Vote and ICON Blockchain S-Coin Payments .

What's in store for the residents of Seoul with ICON's blockchain products?

The goal of ICON's blockchain products is to create a more reliable, democratic and prosperous society.

Blockchain Citizen identity card: The Blockchain Identification Card is easy to configure. Users must fill in their basic details and then take pictures on their laptop via webcam.

Next, users click on a photo of the generated QR, which transfers the ICON ID Card to their mobile phone.

Blockchain rating: The creation of the Blockchain ID Card would allow the user to access the ICON voting system. The voting system was created as part of the ICONLOOP partnership with the Korea National Information Society Agency and the Korea National Election Commission. ICON acted as a blockchain technology consultant for the two bodies to build the "new generation system based on Intelligence Information Technology".

Users who use the voting system of ICON to vote will be rewarded in S-Coin, which has had a peg for 1 S-Coin = 1 Korean won in the demonstration.

ICON Blockchain S-Coin Payments: This blockchain product will allow users to make transactions without cash and quickly. Users will be asked to scan a QR code of the product that will transfer all the product details to the app.

Payment for the scanned product can then be made automatically, without cash with S-Coins.

Other developments and future plans

ICON has launched its main network in April of this year and has downloaded the Ethereum network on its blockchain network. Since then, ICON has seen a number of developments including the selection by the metropolitan government of Seoul as an operator of Seoul's standard blockchain platform for the "Blockchain Demonstration Project in Seoul".

In May of this year, ICON collaborated with TRIVE to create an educational ecosystem focused on blockchain technology. As part of the collaboration, both entities will work on the joint development of blockchain courses that will be included in the TRIVE programming schools.

In June, Binance announced that it would exchange ICON ICX tokens ICC 20 for ICX mainnet, five months after the mainnet was released. ICON recently revealed that the official token exchange for the ICX ERC20 token had been closed. The other platforms that supported token exchange were OKEx, Upbit, Bithumb, Huobi, DragonEx, Bitrue, Gate.io and WazirX.

ICON also discussed the possibilities of making Jeju the blockchain center of Korea with Governor Jeju. In early October, Park Won-early, the mayor of Seoul, announced a five-year plan to invest $ 108 million and develop the city as a blockchain-powered smart city. The mayor also suggested the use of the S-Coin within the Seoul metropolitan government administrations.

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