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IBM technology and information services giant announced last week that it had partnered with the integrated logistics company Maersk to create the blockchain shipping solution, TradeLens. The solution was developed in particular by the duo to apply the global supply chain blockchain. The companies also revealed that as part of the early adopter program of TradeLens, 94 organizations are actively involved or have agreed to participate in the Tradelens platform.

"TradeLens uses IBM Blockchain technology as a basis for digital supply chains, allowing multiple business partners to collaborate by establishing a unique shared view of a transaction without compromising details, privacy or confidentiality. navigation, shippers, port and terminal operators, land transport and customs authorities can interact more efficiently through real-time access to shipping data and shipping documents, including IoT data and sensors that go from the temperature control to the weight of the container. "[19659003] IBM and Maersk also reported that by using smart blockchain contracts, TradeLens enables digital collaboration among the multiple parties involved in international trade. Companies have noted that during the 12-month trial, they have collaborated with dozens of ecosystem partners to identify opportunities to prevent delays caused by documentation errors, delays in information and other impediments. Over 154 million shipping events have been captured on the platform, including data such as ship arrival times and the gate-in container and documents such as customs exits, commercial invoices and bills of lading. While sharing more details about the platform, B ridget van Kralingen senior vice president, IBM Global Industries, Solutions and Blockchain, said:

"We believe that blockchain can play an important role in digitizing global shipping, a area of ​​the global economy that shifts four billion dollars of goods each year.However, success with technology is based on a single factor, which unites the whole ecosystem together with an approach common to all participants in the same way.Our work with Maersk and other companies in the shipping ecosystem has shown that the blockchain can be used to form a strong and connected network where all members earn by sharing important data and that together we can transform a vital part of the way of conducting global trade. "

As previously reported, IBM has become a d in the most active and ambitious American technology companies when it comes to blockchain. Recently, the company announced that it has partnered with Columbus University to create a center on campus for blockchain technology research and data transparency and the creation of an associated accelerator for students, faculty and startups. According to the duo, this new center will combine interdisciplinary teams from academic, scientific, economic and governmental communities and collaborators will seek to advance research into technologies such as secure multiparty computing, homomorphic cryptography, secure hardware, and reduction fraud and improvement of precision medicine through the analysis of collective data sources.

The TradeLens solution is now available through the Early Adopter program. The platform is expected to be fully available on the market by the end of this year.

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