I / O encryption (CIO) Cryptocurrency up to $ 0.26591, up 2.50% on major trade in the last 24 hours


I / O Coin (IOC) recorded a rise of 2.50% against the dollar in the last period of the month, ending at 03.45 on 18 September EST. The I / O currency currently has a total cap of $ 4,509,662 and its 24-hour trading volume is around $ 1,331. Over the last 7 days, I / O Coin is -4.61% against the dollar with a 0.08% move in the last 60 minutes.

Let's take a look at how similar cryptocurrencies took place in the last 24 hours:

  • indaHash (IDH) is currently trading at $ 0.01 against the US dollar, a -1.65% variation since yesterday. The Bitcoin price for IDH is currently 0.00000106 BTC.
  • Aurora DAO (AURA) is currently trading at $ 0.07 against the US dollar, a -2.17% variation since yesterday. The Bitcoin price for AURA is currently 0.00001111 BTC.
  • Hshare (HSR) is currently trading at $ 2.03 against the US dollar, a -6.94% change since yesterday. The Bitcoin price for HSR is currently 0.00032295 BTC.

I / O Coin Info

I / O Coin has a total stock of 16,959,348 coins. It was launched on June 15, 2014.

cryptocompare reveals that: "IOCoin has a strong development team that supports it.The currency is X11 with proof of work and proof of play.The proof of participation has an annualized rate of 2 %. "

Here are some useful links for those wishing to learn more about Coin I / O:

IOC: Info for Traders

You can find IOCs for exchanges like Cryptsy, Poloniex, BitTrex, Bleutrade, [19659002] It is not always possible to immediately purchase cryptos as I / O Coin using US dollars. Investors who aim to achieve IOC may perhaps first have to choose Bitcoin or ETH using a market that provides currency pairs in US dollars, including Coinbase and GDAX. Investors will then use this Bitcoin or Ethereum to purchase I / O Coin using one of the trade exchanges shown above.

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