Hyundai has designed a car that walks


Hyundai’s car is called the Elevate UMV, and so far it’s a 5: 1 scale prototype. How does this walking vehicle work?

What we have seen in Transformers and so many other film and television productions, Hyundai is making it come true. The South Korean company has created Elevate UMV (Ultimate Mobility Vehicle), a car that walks!

So far what we have seen is a 5: 1 scale prototype. How does Elevate UMV work?

Elevate UMV de Hyundai.

It is a four-wheeled vehicle, which works under normal driving conditions, but with a particularity: its extendable legs. They appear when you need to access spaces that normal cars can’t.

The wheels rotate 90 degrees to become articulated legs that allow the vehicle to advance in a gear on all fours.

Hyundai’s leading design talks about the project

John Suh, founding director of New Horizons Studio Hyundai is in charge of the project.

“Generative design helps the human mind expand the range of possibilities,” he says. “With the help of generative design, a single designer or engineer can see things with dozens or hundreds of different designs.”

The project makes use of the collaboration of Autodesk Generative Design, which speeds up the idea development process using computers. Thanks to these, it generates much more design possibilities than a human being.

“It allows you to see things that have not otherwise been taken into consideration,” Suh ​​points out in a press release.

Suh explains the uses of Elevate UMV:

  • Search and rescue activities on difficult terrain, making it ideal for firefighters.
  • Access for people with mobility problems without the need for elevators or ramps.

Hyundai’s goal is to create lighter, more agile and more multifunctional designs. As such, they will continue to work, together with Autodesk, on improving the UMV.

So far there is no specific launch date for Hyundai’s peddler, in partnership with Autodesk.


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