HyperPay Cryptocurrency Payments Provider adds support for Tron coins (TRX)

HyperPay expands: now it will support TRONIX [TRX]

The last decade has overseen the unprecedented growth of the encrypted asset sphere. Today there are almost as many crypto-currencies as there are countries. The rapidly expanding base means there are two emerging problems. Integrating all these niche currencies and keeping them securely. So when a token, like TRX, gets the support of a portfolio like Hyperpay; it can only be good news for both parties.

In a recent announcement on his Twitter page, Justin Sun, founder and CEO of the TRON Foundation, noted: "#TRON is now supported by @Hyperpay_tech, a multiple-currency payment solution for tomorrow's trade. #TRX is the 18th mainnet. $ TRX ".

Tronix (TRX) is the official currency of TRON. It is a non-profit foundation that aims to create a platform for sharing decentralized entertainment content with the intention of using blockchain and peer-to-peer (p2p) network technology. With its open and decentralized platform and distributed storage technology, TRON seeks to let digital content creators ignore intermediaries and get in direct contact with their consumers.

For those who do not know, HyperPay is an online wallet that is integrated into its proprietary multi-currency payment solutions. The company emphasizes that it is the first onchain and offchain cryptographic portfolio in the world. It appears to allow easy access and focuses on providing an advanced user experience with its intuitive user interface. Their app is a one-stop solution to allow a user to manage their personal funding, regardless of the currency in question. As expected, the Crypto Wallet app is also designed to access via smartphones and other smart devices.

A recent version of the app has been launched with a lot of fanfare and a series of profitable offers for new users and crypto enthusiasts. The system is known for its careful management of cryptocurrencies together with a solid security configuration. It is set to be completely transparent in its dealings and allows zero latency with zero transaction fees for the transfer of the off-line portfolio.

A spokesman for HyperPay said he was pleased to announce the addition of TRON in its growing bid stability. Some of the large and well-known cryptocurrencies that are already supported by them include: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), EOS, Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), Tether (USDT), Qtum, HCash; the list is quite long. In fact, the latest digital asset token indicates that the cryptographic portfolio now supports over 110 cryptocurrencies.

This type of support from a multi-currency payment solution and a service provider is good news for the blockchain-based content streaming and distribution platform. TRON [TRX] is the eighteenth main line on the HyperPay platform.

This should be a win-win situation for both companies. The exposure offered to TRON by such a wide and diversified payment solution will be an incredible boost. At the same time, by allowing users to access a niche content distribution and a streaming platform, it is sure that it will satisfy some rapidly expanding HyperPays users.

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