Hyperion's blockion-based distributed mapping system aims to revolutionize the way maps are created


SINGAPORE ago. 19, 2018 / PRNewswire / – Hyperion, an open blockchain-based mapping architecture, has ambitious plans to radically transform the way maps are made – and how the global market for maps and map technology. Hyperion's unique technology, which allows a completely decentralized and autonomous global map that users can contribute anywhere, modify or use for their needs and share economic value, promises a radical change in the process of creating and managing maps.

At the moment, there are more than 2 million apps in circulation – but almost all of them are based on Google Maps or the major Chinese map services including Gaode, Baidu and Tencent .

This creates a highly focused and controlled system for managing and accessing vital business data such as maps, and Hyperion sees its opportunity to destroy this centralized system.

At present, the cartographic industry has a high technical threshold and a significant barrier to entry: the physical challenge of acquiring map data for each city, village and building globally. However, based on the huge data bank accumulated by Mapxus, the world's largest internal mapping platform founded by the founder of Hyperion in 2016, Hyperion has an immediate competitive advantage. By applying its collaborative mapping technology on top of this basic level of information, Hyperion is creating an immediate, viable and open source alternative to the costly and controlled mapping systems offered by traditional providers.

The Hyperion ecosystem addresses a number of key pain points in map development. Firstly, the cost of developing and maintaining detailed and up-to-date maps using a top-down model is extremely expensive and inefficient, and requires cartographic companies or governments to send staff to gather information locally. Secondly, this model makes it difficult to ensure that maps are accurate or up-to-date, since resources will be allocated to keep different parts of the map at different times. Third, the current mapping infrastructure is controlled by governments or private companies, creating barriers that prevent other users from accessing or using these maps.

Hyperion addresses this problem using a three-wire model that calls "Hyperion Trinity". The trinity consists of (1) mapping technology that allows anyone to participate in the development and maintenance of maps, (2) an economic model to incentivize and reward contributors to the development of maps and (3) solid community structures to enhance a self-governing ecosystem.

To date, Hyperion map data covers the entire outer space around the entire globe, as well as internal maps for over 2,000 buildings totaling over 100 billion square feet. These figures will grow exponentially with the development of the project. In the future, Hyperion will generate more than 1 million Dapps or App, making it the largest public underlying chain in the world.

Technology is supported by a number of leading investors including Hayak, Dfund, Float Capital, Du Capital, Biaozhun Capital and Collinstar Capital.

Isaac Zhang the founder of Hyperion, said:

"By freeing the maps from the highly controlled traditional model, we intend to radically transform the global economy We believe that cartographic data should be open and accessible to all, and in doing so we will unlock a huge unused value in the products and services that we or other parties can build on this data. "

Excellent team with top industry specialists

The Hyperion team is made up of senior blockchain-based mapping systems experts, blockchain technology, growth hackers, and global marketing. Issac Zhang CEO of Hyperion, is the former co-founder of Mapxus, the world's largest decentralized map mapping platform. Eric Huang Hyperion COO, has built his career to implement large-scale distributed computing, including the co-founder of Mobvista, the largest mobile marketing platform in Asia . Zou Guangxian, CTO of Hyperion, was previously the head of Netease's gaming division and former co-founder of AIPAI, one of the largest video game sharing platforms in China . Kai Law the CMO of Hyperion, holds a double Master of Media and Business from Loughborough University in the United Kingdom. He was also co-founder of Liuxuebao, the largest SAAS platform for overseas study in China .

Multimedia Contacts

Telegram: https://t.me/HyperionOfficialHYN

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