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Huobi Wallet adds support for TRON coins (TRX) and announces the next Bounty program


Huobi Wallet adds TRX – There is also an upcoming Bounty program

Huobi Global it is the company that owns the third largest cryptographic exchange in the volume of trade. He recently announced that he would add TRX support to his Huobi wallet. This is a portfolio with a greater focus on security; allows users to manage their private keys.

The announcement of Twitter

In a tweet, Huobi he claimed that they now support TRX. To get the functionality, simply download the new version of the wallet. Beyond that, the tweet mentioned the bounty program. TRX they will not become part of BCH, USDT, BTC, EOS, ETH, LTC, ETC and all tokens that are based on the ERC20 standard. This includes stablecoins like USDC and GUSD.

the wallet

Huobi wallet has various features that aim to improve the user experience for mobile device users. This includes a function of multiple group addresses that is easy to manage. It also comes with a simple in-app exchange that is supported by Kyber Network, Loopring and Changelly.

Bounty program

While full details have yet to be made public, Huobi intends to hold a TRX bounty program. This is intended to provide users with an incentive to store coins. At this time, TRX is trading at $ 0.0139. It is a market capitalization of around $ 909.4 million. This makes it the eleventh largest crypt by market capitalization. It is also the tenth largest encryption in the AltDex 100 index.

About The Huobi Wallet

This is a professional lightweight multi-channel wallet. It is based on the combined expertise of technology and security developed by the Huobi Group. The portfolio offers a guarantee of security to all its users on a global level. It also offers digital asset management services, which are safe, simple and convenient.

He recently presented a new version of the wallet, which has a better user interface. After opening the new app, you can browse through the resources and make quick transfers all on the main screen. Users are also able to add coins that they love in addition to the eight larger coins. Huobi supports all the ERC20 standard coins.

Private key control

The wallet offers users full control of private keys. So, they always have control over their resources. There are no third parties that handle private keys. Users can also get private keys and manage the security of their resources. There is also an option to change the name of the wallet. The wallet can also be hidden and various other customization options.

The wallet it also works as an exchange. It can support the exchange of coins through chains. Users can make transactions with a currency that they like based on the prevailing exchange rate. In addition to enhanced protection that protects resources, the Huobi team also created a special keyboard. This keyboard is protected by keylogging. It has many other technologies that are patented.

Huobi Group

This is a global financial services provider and the company behind the Huobi Portfolio. In 2013, the team predicted the potential that holds the blockchain. They started to create Huobi.co to bring blockchain into the financial world and make the transfer of value for everyone easier.

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