[HSI Night + ADR]Tencent’s ADR dropped sharply 3.8% compared to Hong Kong. Alibaba’s ADR was 6.2% lower. The evening has increased by 24 points (continuously updated) The news of the DAY


  1. [Hang Seng Index Night + ADR]Tencent’s ADR fell sharply 3.8% compared to Hong Kong, Alibaba’s ADR was 6.2% lower, and the night market was up 24 points (constantly updated) -Hong Kong Economic Times- Real Time News Channel-Market Finance-Stock MarketHong Kong Economic Times-News
  2. HSBC’s ADR increased 9% to 850 points overnight. Analysis: the concept of vaccine speculation, the actions of the old counterattack economy-20201110-EconomicMing Pao news network
  3. Vaccines are on the market, investors should switch to old economic stock market experts to teach positions | Investment and financial managementHong Kong 01
  4. [Hang Seng Index Night Futures + ADR]The situation of new and old economic stocks reversed: Tencent’s ADR fell and HSBC’s ADR rose 9%.Hong Kong Economic Times-News
  5. Hong Kong stocks and US depository receipts generally roseHong Kong Radio
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