How TRON (TRX) is engaged with Seedit, Project Atlas, Exodus and Another Coin Burn


The Declaration of Independence on June 25 th when the TRON mainnet (TRX) was also officially launched seems to be a clean start for TRON, as the foundation seems to be more actively involved in the advancement blockchain technology

Although stagnant trends have returned once again after several days of trading in green with TRX currently down about -1.50%, the TRON foundation led by TRON founder Justin Sun, it is updating the community with great news, gaining momentum continuously.

Here's how Justin Sun announced the integration of TRON with Exodus, which is one of the most important integration news for TRX lately, while another series of fires has taken place in the meantime.

In addition, TRON is collecting positive impressions from Tronics regarding the TRON and BitTorrent project called Project Atlas.

Announced TRON and Exodus Integration [19659002] On September 13 th representatives of Exodus published an official assignment on the question of integration with TRON.

On this occasion the team of Exodus stated that in the growing trend in the search for independence in the form of developing and launching mainnet as in the case of new currencies such as VeChain, ICON, EOS and TRON, Exodus is looking for to evaluate these resources before integration in order to provide "a smooth experience for all Exodians".

In this way, the Exodus portfolio introduced TRON as one of the most recent additions, stating that TRX will be integrated into the latest version called Version 1.60.0.

The team also stated that there were several bugs that were removed with the latest version, adding that they hope that TRX will indicate a new era of stability with this addition to the Exodus portfolio.

With this integration, Exodus offers an alternative to TRX owners, allowing swaps, exchanges and transacti ons. Justin Sun confirmed the news in a post on Twitter on September 15 th stating that TRX is now available for sending, receiving and exchanging with over 40 different resources.

Although Tether is one of the trading pairs available for TRX, USDT / TRX swaps can not yet be managed. However, it is more than certain that TRON could get more exposure with the integration of Exodus.

TRON and Seedit reach 18 million TRX in Tips

Since TRON announced the integration of Seedit with the Twitter social network, The TRON foundation immediately attracted caution. Thanks to Seedit, TRX can now be used on Twitter to send TRX units.

With this integration in the form of a practical tool, any Tronics can send and receive TRX via Twitter, while you can also tip your favorite influencers, actors, content creators, artists, friends and family.

Seedit was not created just to make it possible to send and receive TRON via Twitter, making it easier to send money to your friends and family, but it also opened a scenario of cases where content creators can be rewarded for their I work on this social media, in this way I earn TRX and I get incentives through cryptocurrency.

The team announced in one of its last posts that Seedit has changed TRON with over 18 million TRX units, while there were over 260,000 different suggestions, the highest suggestion on the announcement date is 38,000 TRX.

Statistics show that the integration of Seedit has been more than effective as it is widely and actively used. The Seedit team also had the opportunity to announce new features for Seedit users.

TRON Coin Burn and Project Atlas

In one of the posts from last week on Twitter, Justin Sun invited Tronics to participate in a survey on the next project, called Project Atlas.

The details of the project have yet to be revealed, but for now it is a known fact that BitTorrent will work on the project together with Justin Sun. Also the BitTorrent representatives thanked all the participants, sharing the results of the initial survey where the most part of the participants had positive impressions on the project.

In addition, the TRON Foundation has burned another series of coins while the token migration is still ongoing, with the migration supported by Exodus as in the most recent case.

The foundation burned 4,917,487,036,059613 token TRX ERC-20, which represents the fifth batch of coins burned TRON.

At the moment, although in the middle of the spotlight, the TRX is down by -1.45% compared to the fiat, however, most of the crypto market is caught in the last negative trend.

With the last change, TRON (TRX) is now trading at the price of $ 0.019.

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