How to accept Bitcoin can help your business


On January 3, 2009, bitcoin genesis block of bitcoins was launched by the anonymous founder Satoshi Nakamoto. In that block of genesis was written a very important statement on why the bitcoin was created and a sign of the times in the failure of the monetary policies of central banks and governments. Bitcoin is like rat poison for all bankers because it is designed to reduce the whole system.

Bitcoin has been declared dead hundreds of times by the media and Bitcoin has survived all kinds of FUDs such as Mount Gox, China crackdown and much more, but the bitcoin continues to press on demonstrating the resilience of the community and the network to continue in the phase of all these different things that happen. No one has been able to stop Bitcoin and, as already mentioned, Satoshi Nakamoto remains a mystery to this day.

Ross Ulbricht:

Ross Ulbricht is still in prison until today because of his great crime of hosting a website where people buy and sell substances that could alter their conscience personally and much of what was done using it. The fact that he is still in prison is only a scream of the general injustice of the whole system we are facing today.

Bitcoin Forks:

The forkers on the market have gone on and forked bitcoins several times, but it seems that Bitcoin or BTC have been taken into account at the moment by the market. All the alternative visions of bitcoin, in particular bitcoin money and the vision of satoshi bitcoin, are really in trouble, especially after their recent split. The market is choosing BTC and not Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin Satoshi Vision.

Resistance to censorship

There have been many interesting things happening in the bitcoin space recently. BlockStream satellites, for example, go to the next level of censorship, you do not need to connect to the Internet, you can connect directly from a small dish of the house to satellites in space. This is a very big development as it helps to reach so many people who do not actually have regular access to the internet. At this time, the BlockStream satellite covers almost all regions of the world.

Lightning network:

Lightning Network is a second-level scaling solution that grows continuously. At the moment it has exceeded the capacity of 510 bitcoins, the number of channels in the last month of December increased by 26%. There are several companies that are working on these implementations for lightning payments and as such, they are only getting bigger and bigger and the technology is only getting better. Lightning will be a serious factor in the future of bitcoin in terms of scalability.

Snort Signature

Snort Signatures is a digital signature scheme that on a technical level will offer bitcoin users a new way to generate cryptographic keys, while also increasing bitcoin's privacy and scalability. So this is a very important thing. At the moment it is working, it has not yet been implemented, but it will arrive and when it arrives it will be an important part of the bitcoin's technical features.

Bitcoin side chains:

Bitcoin side chains are also very important in terms of expanding the use and functionality of bitcoin mainchain. RootStock, for example, will bring smart contracts with bitcoins. The BlockStream liquid will help to facilitate transactions between liquid suppliers. So many things are happening in terms of making it more usable.

The hashrate is incredibly safe and although we have seen the decline of the hahrrat as the price of the bitcoin has declined, but if we compare the hashrate of today with the hashrate a year ago, we see a significant difference. The network is safer than it has ever been.

Effective access:

In terms of effective access, this is also growing all the time. We have more and more fiat onramp to allow people to buy bitcoins. Although we still have the dominance of the US dollar and the Japanese yen, exotic currencies are added. For example, Binance recently debuted in Uganda and allowed people to invest in the local currency. We have to see it happen in more countries, so that we can have more initiatives online and make it easy for people around the world to enter the crypt. The numbers are accumulating really well for bitcoins.

In terms of the brand, the brand has never been stronger for bitcoins. Today more people know bitcoins than ever before and this is something very important to keep in mind. We had a real explosion of ATM bitcoins in 2018 making access even easier for people. Paxful reports that in 2018 bitcoin sales have increased by 20% in Africa, which is excellent considering the downward trend in 2018. Record transactions are happening on Localbitcoin in countries like South America, Colombia, Venezuela and Peru. People are entering and expanding. It is very important to see the expansion of bitcoins in the corners of the world.

Proof of event keys:

Trace Mayer organized the Keys Test Event. Proof of the keys is an event that happens today in which you extrapolate your cryptography from particularly bitcoin exchanges and keep them in a portfolio that checks the keys. The idea here is that there may be many exchanges that may not have as much bitcoin as they profess to have. These centralized third-party exchanges were a real torment for the crypto scene in general. Some of them are good actors but not all of them are. We have so much volume spoofing and all these different things going on that it's incredibly problematic and some may no longer have bitcoins as they say they have. So Trace Mayer is encouraging everyone to withdraw their bitcoins from the exchanges and put them in a wallet in which they check the private keys. We as a cryptic community must always take a stand in these events that are really very important for the future of bitcoin and put an end to decentralization.

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