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Ethereum Classic is making headlines after a listing on Coinbase and Bittrex during the last week. The altcoin according to a post release on the medium is now venturing into the potential game arena through his ETC game. This sports platform will offer a different user experience to people who love gambling and are enthusiastic about encryption!

Bittrex ETC Listing

The ETC crypto currency has enjoyed an increase in fundamental value due to the latest listings. Bittrex joined Coinbase by adding the ETC / USD exchange pair to the currency exchange. The news also included the addition of the Ripple (XRP) trading pair on the platform. On 21 of August 2018, Bittrex advertised on its twitter account,

Today, we are adding XRP and ETC to our USD (Fiat) markets in addition to the USD previously announced for Bitcoin (BTC) , Tether (USDT), TrueUSD (TUSD) and Ethereum (ETH).

The Ethereum classic will benefit from this list as Bittrex ranks among the top 40 cryptographic coin exchanges at the time of printing. ETC users will now be able to negotiate fiat for their digital coins on the Bittrex platform along with other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether.

The Speculation Game on Ethereum Classic

You can easily acquire an Ethereum Classic Game account and make speculations without costing gas. The first step is to purchase ETC altcoins which must be deposited on the gaming account for participation rights. Furthermore, the platform has flexible operations for customers who value privacy; you can simply predict match results directly via smart contracts instead of creating an account.

Smart contracts have been an important lever for the Ethereum blockchain. The ETC game uses this infrastructure to create a decentralized and secure network for the multi-billion dollar sports betting industry. At the moment, the project has gained momentum in the East and is not looking forward to new markets in the West.

The ETC gaming platform aims to resize its options by incorporating more games into the network. This in turn will increase the customer base and the team is currently seeking further suggestions from its community in the telegram.

ETC Price Analysis

The expected increase in Ethereum Classic from its most recent listings has yet to be perceived by HODLers. The incorporation of Robinhood, Bittrex and Coinbase failed to sustain the excitement based on ETC prices last week. ETC has been in the red zone in the last 7 days slipping by 12% based on the coincheckup.

  • The price of the ETC broke its initial support level of $ 13.00 to trade at $ 12.21 which fell 5% from yesterday's price. [19659013] The 30-day volatility of the high-altimeter stands at 38%, a common figure within the crypto arena, in particular with the bearish market in August.
  • The highest price of ETCs of all time is $ 45 when the market reorganized; this is 73% higher than the current price, although analysts remain optimistic.
  • The cumulative performance of cryptographic money from its pioneering day of trading stands at an impressive 1,547.74%, the first Hodls can testify to earnings!

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