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Lite.IM, described on their official website as "a tool for financial freedom", announced on October 31stst that Litecoin (LTC) became available on Facebook Messenger, allowing the sending and receiving of LTC through the messaging application on one of the most popular social networks.

Although Facebook has banned all the announcements related to cryptocurrency and ICO ads on the network, strictly against the establishment of digital resources, the company has subsequently changed its policy to adapt to new plans.

The plans were, of course, linked to the cryptocurrency and the blockchain, while Facebook announced the beginning of an official department in order to research the blockchain technology.

Now, after many successful statements that Litecoin is about to become one of the first encrypted available on Facebook, users of this social network can now send and receive payments based on LTC.

How can Facebook influence Litecoin (LTC) in the next period?

Although Facebook was strictly contrary to ICOs and cryptocurrencies, at least against the advertising of digital resources on this social network, the company soon changed its policy.

After starting a blockchain research department, months later Litecoin became available as a payment tool on Facebook.

The integration of Litecoin into Facebook Messenger has been enabled through Lite.IM, a service that has already brought Litecoin to SMS and Telegram as a quick, cheap and secure payment tool.

Now, when LTC is exposed to 2 billion users who regularly visit Facebook, the crypt may have a good chance of bouncing off despite the horrible collapse experienced by when it hit its low of around $ 78 in June 2018.

Although LTC is on the rise in the first few days of November with the latest increase of around 2% in the last 24 hours, the crypt still has to remember all its lost value and the Facebook-enabled payments with LTC could be just what he needs Litecoin the moment.

It seems like magic has been working since Litecoin is already showing 11% gains over the last seven days, which is the exact time when LTC became available on Facebook Messenger, demonstrating the increased demand.

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