How did Trump manage to convince 3 Arab countries to normalize with “Israel”?


Did Trump get election gains from the normalization process?

Trump used normalization to promote during his election campaign.

Are there other countries that will go to normalization?

Trump has announced that normalization will not be limited to Sudan, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

At the end of his first term, US President Donald Trump was able to do what previous US presidents hadn’t done in a few months, as he concluded normalization agreements between three Arab countries and the occupation state. Israeli, who have given him electoral advantages from these agreements.

Trump has made unprecedented progress in the history of Arab relations with “Israel” in the recent period. The UAE, Bahrain, and Sudan have announced a peace agreement with them, amid speeches about the readiness of other Arab countries to take the same step, especially Saudi Arabia.

In the course of the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict, the United States has only managed to conclude two peace agreements with Arab countries. The first was between Egypt and “Israel” in 1979, known as the “Camp David” agreement, and the second with Jordan in 1994, the “Wadi Araba agreement”.

The failure of the Arab countries to go to normalize with the occupation in recent years is due to a series of reasons, including the apparent one; It is a requirement of the Arab League that its members establish relations with “Israel”, the latter’s withdrawal from the occupied territories in 1967, which will allow the Palestinians to establish their independent state on the 1967 borders and solve the refugee problem.

Trump’s choice to announce the subsequent agreements between the three Arab countries and the Israeli occupation came shortly before the US presidential elections, which will be held on November 3, with the aim of winning the votes of the American electorate, in particular of the Jews.

American coercion

Trump said in one of his speeches last September: “These pioneering agreements represent the beginning of a new dawn in the Middle East, as we have achieved different results, which are much better than their predecessors, and this new method has proven its worth. value”.

The American president said that many Middle Eastern countries will follow the normalization process, “knowing that this will serve their interest and the interest of the world”.

The Emirati opposition, Abdul Rahman Belhaj, confirms that normalization has been going on for more than 20 years, that is, before Trump’s arrival in the White House, but what it has done is forcing those countries to establish relations with “Israel” having involved them in a role greater than their abilities; At the Arab and Gulf level.

According to Hajj Online, the reasons that Trump was able to normalize these countries is because they received the order from them that they would “lose the protection of the strategic Middle East coalition on which they depend to maintain their tyrannical regimes and fight back. ‘Political Islam’.

These regimes, as Belhaj says, have put all the eggs in Trump’s basket, and his loss has become a threat to their regimes, especially after learning of the Democratic Party’s orientations towards the Arabian Gulf.

According to Hajj, there are three competing geopolitical projects in the region: It is the Iranian, Turkish and Israeli project, and behind it the United States of America and the European Union.

He added: “Mohammed bin Zayed and the countries of the counter-revolutions chose the Zionist camp, which was formed on the basis of the vision of US President Trump called the Middle East Strategic Alliance Project.”

According to Hajj, that alliance is made up of the Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Egypt to address the Turkish and Iranian project and political groups of Islam that threaten American interests in the region, the “Zionist project”.

Trump’s success in the success of the agreement between the UAE and “Israel”, as Hajj explains, is due to the panic that hit bin Zayed at the possibility of defeating the current president of the United States in the upcoming elections, especially with opinion polls showing the progress of his Democratic rival, Joe Biden.

On the beneficiary of the normalization agreements along with Trump, the Emirati opposition says the occupation state is the most important beneficiary. As this makes it officially present in the Arabian Gulf region, which is rich in oil and gas, and opens the doors to Israeli companies in the Emirates and the region.

According to Hajj, the Trump-sponsored deals will only help drag the region into devastation and devastation, as Arab countries whose governments signed peace deals with the occupying power have failed, so the UAE and Bahrain will not fare better. of Egypt and Jordan.

Electoral earnings

According to observers, the way he announced the three normalization agreements represents Trump’s exploitation of the Arab core issue by attracting 3 Arab countries to normalization and promoting himself to have offered “Israel” what no previous president had offered to achieve. more Jewish votes before the elections.

In this context, Khalil Jahshan, executive director of the Arab Center in Washington, believes that the White House announcement of the peace agreement between “Israel” and the UAE came in the form of an “electoral declaration” aimed at strengthening the position of President Trump before the third election in November.

Jahshan confirms in a report published by the UK’s Middle East Eye website last August that the two sides did not agree on anything other than using this statement as a voting card to save Trump.

According to Jahshan, Trump has tried, through the Israeli-Emirati peace agreement, to revive his electoral fortunes, while saving Netanyahu, who is facing unprecedented protests and corruption allegations.

Thomas Friedman, a writer for the “New York Times” newspaper, described the recent Arab normalization with “Israel” as a “geopolitical earthquake” that would benefit the pro-American camp and supporters of moderate Islam, and which was “the Trump’s first real diplomatic success. “

Trump used during his announcement of an agreement between Sudan and “Israel” to normalize relations between them during a tripartite contact with the head of the Sudanese Sovereignty Council and the Israeli prime minister, that agreement to gain electoral gains ahead of Biden.

Trump intended to demonstrate that if Biden had been president, he would not have been able to conclude these deals by asking Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: “Do you think a sleepy atmosphere could have concluded such a deal?”

In addition to Trump’s statements, his administration also used normalization as election propaganda when US envoy to the Middle East, Avi Berkowitz, warned that Democratic candidate Biden’s victory could damage normalization agreements between countries. Arabs and “Israel”.

The Israeli newspaper “Jerusalem Post” on Friday, October 23, quoted Berkowitz as saying: “Biden could change the American position on Iran, which will affect the normalization agreements.”

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