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How can Blockchain technology help remodel the health sector? – Blockchain news today

The supporters of Blockchain say that a "killer app" based on the
technology is imminent. Advocates say it will be an app that will do it
remodel the health sector as we know it. But there are five practices
uses of the Blockchain technology that allows the distribution of digital data,
without the copy of that data.

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Blockchain applications for the health sector

– Smart contracts
(contracts started when some
the conditions are met)

– Supply chain processes (supply chains will be more
transparent and efficient when it comes to warehouse and delivery services
medical articles)

– Doctor's credentials (ProCredex has launched the
Professional Credentials Exchange to execute your doctor's credentials using a
Medicated private treatment cures and
Benefit plans of Medicare and a
Processor of claims for Medicare private compensation)

– Peer-to-peer data exchange (a system that includes aid
in the verification of clinical trial data e
prevent individuals from receiving more opioid prescriptions)

– Proof of work (in case of medical responsibility where
lawyers could argue that the defendants have tampered with the records, clinicians
the notes memorized in the Blockchain stamped blocks will be tamper proof
register indicating what the doctor did and when he did it)

System without government or corporate control

One of the reasons Blockchain technology shines is that it is completely
autonomous government and society. No body can control the
technology. The founder of Disruption Joe, Joe Hernandez during the AMA event
called Blockchain is an open without permission
system that uses Bitcoin (BTC) as a
method of the peer-to-peer payment system that governments can not stop.

According to him the intended purpose of the Blockchain is
to bring "hundreds of thousands of individuals together without a leader
He added that the only flaw of Blockchain technology is that it is better to use for the
the health sector has not been completely calculated. This
It is a theory echoed by the CEO and founder of Forward
Blockchain Conrad Barski:

"We have not yet discovered an application for" killer "
Blockchain technology. "

Barski also noted that the emergence of a killer
The app will eventually change the system around the world by creating a sustainable and highly beneficial use for the

Furthermore, Charles Aunger,
serving as CEO of Health2047, the AMA remains an & # 39; still
investor in Health2047 and the technology will need "air traffic control"
at the end. "Suggesting that AMA could play
that role. Health2047 is a Silicon Valley-based innovation company
that develops and markets
solutions for chronic care, data liquidity and other health care problems.

Blockchain is just a technology with the power to remodel
Health care

The 10th AMA event was held
anniversary of the launch of a white paper outlining the principles of
peer-to-peer electronic payment system. According to a recent report by Deloitte
By consulting, Blockchain is a "potential game change" when it comes to
health sector because "it offers a solution to easily manage health data in a safer, more reliable way,
and automatic method without errors.

Adding that Blockchain is just a single technology that holds power to help remodel medicine. This can be
noted in the Amazon.com announcement on development
methods of machine learning to help doctors and hospitals provide better care
to patients.

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