Holochain (HOT) which lays the foundation for overtaking blockchain


Up-and-coming open source framework for complete construction
Distributed and peer-to-peer applications Holochain has recently taken the habit
release "Dev Pulse" updates. These updates usually contain useful notes
describing what the project developers have done since the last update. Another
impulse impulse (9th in a row) fell just a couple of days ago,
inform the community about the latest developments in Holochain.

This latest update opens up, wishing everyone a happy new one
Year. It also adds a disclaimer that the developers took a bit of time during
the festivities, which led to see Dev Pulse n. 9 slightly lit.
significant updates. The update mentions that regular development is expected
resume in the following days. Finally, an educational section of Holochain 101 has
was introduced in Dev Pulse 9 with the intent of "helping developers to become more
familiar with the fundamental concepts of Holochain. "

Overall, the team spent last week "laying the groundwork"
for two important updates: security based on last week's features like
good as "signals". The characteristic of the signals will be "the beating heart" of the future
Holochain applications, which try to give developers the ability to listen
all kinds of events to which their apps can respond in real time.

"This will make the hApp vivid and responsive like traditional server-based apps, without the processing and network overhead of our previous prototype – or the glacial pace of blockchain consent", explains the blog announcement. Both these updates are expected to improve the overall user experience for future Holochain users. Check the whole Dev Pulse 9 here.

Blockchain afflicted by a lot of problems is the possibility of Holochain

Blockchain has been projected into the skies for the past two years. Nowadays, it seems that companies are having a blockchain tiredness. A new report by Forrester Research states that some companies are stopping to use the term "blockchain" because they think it has been overwritten, according to the Fortune economic magazine on 6 November.

Unfortunately for blockchain, this is not his only problem. There is a new player in the arena that promises an even bigger break for the technology world than the blockchain. Part of the name is the same, nothing else – insert Holochain.

Holochain is a framework for creating peer-to-peer applications, like Ruby on Rails, but runs your app directly on your device rather than on a server.

Below is a nice graphic showing the differences between blockchain and holochain.

A holochain application is managed entirely by the people who use it. This allows direct communication, without the need for corporate Web servers.

For each particular use case, developers can create solutions that are suitable for the purpose that achieve the right balance between minimizing risk, reducing costs and optimizing speed. Relative to other application infrastructures distributed like Blockchain (Bitcoin, Ethereum), Holochain applications work exponentially faster and cheaper. The lightweight architecture is also perfect for mobile phones and other low-capacity devices.

Holochain has recently unearthed a new version of Developer Preview that the HOT dev. team worked on. In the press release, Holochain also tries to rebuild the rust, and this could be a significant incentive for the Holochain network.

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What makes Holo fuel unique is that it is inversely scalable, which means it actually becomes more efficient with more users than less. So, in practice, it can manage applications on a Facebook scale. No other cryptotechnic is even close to this.

A wide variety of applications can be created on Holochain, just about any app you can imagine is running on today's "regular" Internet like search apps like Google, messaging apps like Facebook, email apps and more .

Overall, Holochain has set some things in motion and is currently focusing on making sure people start to feel more about these things. And this is the correct decision, the increase in marketing efforts inside the reason is desirable and even legit projects can do it, it is not reserved exclusively for scammers and their shitcoins (we all know who they are).

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