Holochain anticipates the rust client when he tries to replace Ethereum


November 8, 2018 12:32 AM

Holochain is not a blockchain, but has the eye to attracting Dapp developers who might otherwise use Ethereum.

Holocaine is not a blockchain protocol. Rather, it is a decentralized data structure on which generalized log chains can be created by organizations. Chains can "merge, divide and interact in complex ways", but the data they contain still contain digital signatures and are compressed by hashing.

Ethereum, currently the platform preferred by the developers of Dapp, is facing problems of speed and scalability. Holochain, which is creating a platform for Dapp and creating ecosystems, considers itself a faster alternative. And this questions Ethereum's dependence on Solidity, arguing that developers with knowledge in that programming language are in "supply shortage".

The first Holochain protocol library was written in the Go programming language, but it never reached the beta version. Although his Go base received "much appreciated feedback" and was sufficient for a concept demonstration, the team shelved Holochain Go and decided to rewrite Holochain in Rust. This, says the preview version of Holochain developer Nicholas Luck, is "to allow Holochain to be compiled into WebAssembly and, therefore, enable Holochain light clients in the browser (which is required for the Holo hosting app ) to use the same source code as the core of Holochain. "

Holochain was "excited" by the recent progression of WebAssembly (WASM). Furthermore, he discovered that Rust could offer higher operating speeds. Luck says, "We think that his rigorous compilation checks and memory management approach will put Holochain on a solid foundation."

Holochain has officially released the "developer preview" of its Rust code base to get feedback on its new API. He says that building job applications with Holochain Go is already easier than building with Ethereum and that Holochain Rust could be even simpler.

The rumors began to circulate at the start of this year a potential partnership for Holochain with the web browser company Mozilla. These rumors could derive from Holochain's plans to move to Rust. Mozilla has sponsored the development of Rust, which is used in many of its applications.

Holochain's communications director, Matthew Schutte, has previously mentioned that Holochain was in "preliminary interviews" with Mozilla and that any announcement of partnership would not have arrived before the full launch of the project at the start of 2019. A partnership between Holochain and Mozilla could be significant for Sviluppo Dapp.

Holo is the first application built on Holochain and aims to act as a bridge and host between the new Dapp Holochain and the wider network. Holo believes that Holochain is superior to the Ethereum blockchain: "Consider it will be at least 10,000 times more efficient than Ethereum."

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